Clever salon marketing – the welcome letter that ‘sets the rules’

click display images1When a new client walks into your salon, how do you ‘set the rules’? Do you have a structured client induction process, or is it just an airy, off-the-cuff “Hi, welcome to ABC Salon, take a seat!”…

Here’s a cracker of a Client Welcome Letter that not only introduces the new client to you and your team, but carefully sets out how you expect the client to behave, what you’ll do in return, and importantly, makes a special offer.

(Members of Worldwide Salon Marketing can log in to the Million Dollar Salon Marketing Resources Library here and download the whole 5-page letter in Word format so you can edit it to suit your own salon.)

Carefully crafted by long-term WSM member Tracey Smyth from a template she downloaded from the Resources Library, it’s a perfect example of how to communicate a ‘Statement of Intent’ to a new client.

It immediately puts the salon in a position of strength, informing the client gently but firmly that you as the business owner expect you and your staff to be treated with the same respect the client can expect from you – and that includes turning up on time!

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