Hair Salon Price List Template Marketing Superstars – Andy & Sylvia Palatti of Avanti Hair Studio, Canada

Talk about MASSIVE ACTION.  This couple win the prize!

Andy and Silvia, of AVANTI HAIR STUDIO, in Surrey BC (Canada), were one of the first Canadian salons to enroll in the Inner Circle Premium program and get their marketing Toolkit when our Canadian office opened on July 1,  and wasted no time putting it to work for them.

Within the first 10 days, they had implemented  a mini membership campaign (straight out of the Toolkit) and brought in over $9,000!!!!  Needless to say they were astounded, and have thrown themselves into action!

A Hollywood makeover flyer is ready to go to press as well as a Window poster to attract first time clients, and all this from a guy who just learned computers. According to Andy,

” If I can do it, anybody can do this”.

Andy has committed to spending dedicated time every week working on his marketing. Results speak for themselves.


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Greg Milner

Greg Milner, CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing. Greg is a writer, marketing consultant, direct response advertising expert and former TV producer. Since founding WSM in 2004, he's coached and guided more than 4,000 salons & spas all over the world in all aspects of marketing, both online and offline. The tools and templates he and his team have developed are used by salons & spas on every continent. He is the author of the industry-standard direct response marketing manual, Simple Salon Marketing, and the e-book Rich Salon Owner.