How To Make Customer Loyalty Programs More Valuable

We all want customer loyalty; it’s a solid foundation for growth. And since we’re on the doorstep of a New Year, I thought it would be prudent to take a look at how to make loyalty programs more valuable to you and your clients.

According to Nielson, there is a better way to build a mousetrap, in this case, a program that ensures stronger loyalty, as well as profits.

This intriguing study saysthat giving clients what they want for rewards isn’t always the best idea, if you’re looking to increase profit margins.

And who isn’t ? (See the paragraph under, “Increasing The  Effectiveness of Your Customer Loyalty Program.”)

The point is to develop a customer loyalty program that gives clients strong rewards and builds your bottom line. To achieve that, you have to ask yourself a critical question: What do you want your loyalty program to accomplish?

Nielson outlines what consumers want most and least in a loyalty program and it gives you some real insight for developing or expanding your own program.

I especially like the 5 main goals for having a loyalty program. I think you’ll find the information important enough to read through it.

Here’s the link:  Nielson Loyalty Program Study

Do you agree with this study?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year to all,




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