Why it’s Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing

Why it's Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing“Why it’s Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing” There is truth in advertising after all. Most business owners are too timid in their marketing. Unwilling to stand out from the crowd, they therefore blend in with it – and make the BIG mistake of failing to get attention.

No chance of that here. Instead of the usual wishy-washy reasons business owners use when they put on a ‘sale’, this guy tells it like it is. There’s nothing timid about it, he gives his customers the real reason he wants their money. There is great value in being straight. (“I have a HUGE tax bill to pay, so here’s how you can help…”)

But it never ceases to amaze me how dumb the so-called experts in the ‘business press’ can be. Mr Toksana’s bold marketing strategy was criticized for it’s ‘tackiness’ by the brilliant minds at the Business Scotsman website. Check it out here.

Why it's Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing

Why it’s Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing

Boldness counts. Especially when it skirts close to the edge of acceptibility, like this out-there ad for a furnture company in Northampton, UK. The test is this: push the envelope far enough to upset a FEW people, and you’ll know your marketing message is getting attention. Annoy everybody, and you’ve gone too far.

Why it’s Good to be Bold in your Salon Marketing

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