About Us

Worldwide Salon Marketing Pty Ltd was incorporated in February 2005 and is privately held. 

In September 2009 the company was named among Australia’s 100 fastest growing small to medium companies by Business Review Weekly magazine.The company has no debt, and has been profitable since its inception. Its products and services are trademarked and copyright protected.According to Google Analytics, more than 4,000 salon & spa owners visit this site each month, staying an average of 4 minutes and 34 seconds. More than 12,000 salon & spa owners subscribe to our weekly emails and newsletters, with another 300 to 400 joining the list each month.

Meet Our Team

Greg Milner

Greg Milner, CEO & co-founder. Greg is a writer, marketing consultant, direct response advertising expert and former TV producer. He is ‘on the wrong side of 50’, an enthusiastic but mediocre fisherman and loves messing about in boats. Greg lives with his wife Michelle in the resort town of Dunsborough, and is grateful his four children have survived childhood, grown up and left home.

Sally Hay

With a background in banking, Sally Hay is in charge of our accounts department, organizing Member services, dispatch of member material all over the world.

Sam Buckley

Sam is our all-round digital marketing and social media specialist, putting together complete ad campaigns on Facebook for our Members, as well as running the social media marketing division for WSM.

Rose Reyes

Rose Reyes is our head website designer and graphic artist. Rose has built more than 100 salon & spa websites, having taught herself over many years of study and practice. Rose is a whizz at WordPress and has a knack for producing brilliant sites that ‘pop’.

Marielle Bautista

Marielle heads our SEO team, she’s an expert at getting Google My Business listings optimized for local search, and creating backlinks and citations from other websites and directories so that your site appears on Page One of Google search results. 

Golda Manto

Golda is our ‘wizard’ when it comes to Google and Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients. She sets up, manages and monitors extensive ad campaigns for clients and members all over the world. 

Marnie Kallmeyer

Marnie Kallmeyer is our resident blogger, salon owner coach and adviser, and runs the free Facebook group Salon Mavens with Marnie Kallmeyer.

Using the tools and templates produced by WSM, Marnie took her own (failing!) little salon from a miserable $2,000 a month to $17,000 a WEEK inside two years, so she knows ‘our’ kind of marketing backwards!