Eric - our new Salon Marketing Superhero

Eric – our new Salon Marketing Superhero

I’ve often been asked by salon owners if I could help them “find somebody who can do all my salon marketing for me.” Write all the advertising copy, arrange all the promotions, do all the blogging, social media, video production and editing, search engine optimization, website changes, reputation management and a hundred other highly-skilled tasks that go into a comprehensive marketing plan.

The bad news: there IS no such person on the planet with all the skills required. They just don’t exist. And if they did, they’d be so in-demand you couldn’t possibly afford to pay their salary. But there IS an option. It’s far cheaper than hiring a full-time marketing ‘guru’. And far, far more accomplished.

Meet Eric. He’s our new Salon Marketing Superhero. For established salons & spas who want ALL their marketing done for them – online and offline – Eric is the one who gets it done.

Only TEN salons will be accepted into the Superhero program. Check it out here.