I stopped at a local Starbuck’s with a friend last week and had the most wonderful server at the counter. A welcoming smile greeted us and an uplifted voice asked us for our order. She then explained that they were introducing their new “coffee” blend and would we like to experience it.

After placing our order she told us to find a seat and she would bring our order to us. When she arrived with our coffees she also had a sample of the new blend for each of us to take home. Again, a lovely smile and a gracious attitude. I was struck by the overall feeling of well-being the experience left me with.

These are the aspects that intrigued me:

  • Her smile and welcoming attitude,
  • Her method of introducing the new blend to us and the use of the word “experience” in describing a new product,
  • She brought our coffee to us rather than make us wait at the counter where the barista makes it; you know as well as I do, they don’t do that!
  • She brought us a sample of the new product to try it out at home.

Each of these aspects seem small on their own, but put in a total package from the coffee shop perspective, this was exceptional customer service!

Now, if anyone knows me – they know I’m a fanatic about Starbucks. I love the green mermaid cafe. But this experience just topped it all.

It made me realize that exceptional customer service is in the small things we do for our clients. If customer service is in the small things we do for our customers then let’s look at those small things individually, then add them up to that exceptional customer service experience:

The Greeting; introductions are important, so introduce yourself. The Consultation; whether it is for the first time or repeat client, a consultation is an important aspect of the customer service experience within the salon:

  • The Service; make it about them, their hair, their fashion, their color, their world!
  • Presenting Retail; an extension of the service you offer in the salon.
  • Re-booking; take care of your client’s hair future.
  • Check-out; graciousness and courtesy throughout!
  • Problems; ditto!

And shall I say it? Smile, smile, smile, through the entire transaction; from greeting to check-out.

What else can we do to bring an exceptional guest experience to our salon clients?

I think we have a tendency to sometimes take our clients for granted. We have an established relationship with them so perhaps we stop seeing them as new and fresh when they come in to the salon on a regular basis.

Ask your client how you are doing! Again, this will gather valuable information for you will have to analyze and make adjustments. Make sure you document all of this valuable information on your client file within your salon software!

Finally, it is important to establish a written customer service policy for the salon. Every aspect of our clients’ experiences needs to be in writing within your policy manual. That way, your customer service policy is part of the systems you have developed for the salon. It will actually make your life simpler when the plan is laid out and in writing.

So let’s get out there, romance our clients and watch our retention and re-booking figures grow in an upwardly motion! Don’t believe me? Try it for 6 weeks, and watch the remarkable differences in your business….