Why is it that so many salons and spas find it so difficult to get customers, make profits?

This remarkably fine example of salon marketing straight from the Sales Prevention Department, might provide a clue to clueless advertising.

It’s a mailbox flier that turned up at the home of one of our staff members this week. It’s nothing you’d really call ‘advertising’ as such, merely a price list than anything you’d recognize as compelling marketing.

But putting aside its almost complete lack of any reason for a prospect to pick up the phone (no offer, no scarcity, no testimonials, no ‘before and after’ pictures) this salon is not only unprepared to guarantee its services, it’s deliberately repelling customers with a terrifying tag line designed to frighten away even the most gullible.

“No public liability or responsibility taken.”

What they’re actually saying to prospective customers is:

“Give us your money. If we botch the job, too bad – you’re on your own baby.”

Mmmm. Now that’s sure to inspire confidence.

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