George Slater piloting the helicopter Google sent us. (Amazing what you can do with Photoshop!)

George Slater piloting the helicopter Google sent us. (Amazing what you can do with Photoshop!)

Next time you post a promotion on Facebook, or send an offer to your clients by email or SMS, take a moment to think about this:

“If the world’s biggest, richest, smartest internet marketing company (Google) thought that promoting its business purely online was THE answer, why would it send a helicopter – one that actually flies – to thousands of small business owners???”

ANSWER: because Google knows that anybody who says ‘social media is all I do or need to effectively market my business’ is DUMB.

In the Worldwide Salon Marketing office today we were delighted when our Director of Online, George Slater opened the mail and there, among all the usual, dreary bills, marketing flyers and other postman-delivered flotsam was a big, colorful box from Google. Inside, a real remote-control helicopter. (And, of course, an offer from Google to encourage us to spend money on Adwords, which we do anyway!)

So, for a bit of Friday Fun, George and a couple of our web developers Pash and Andrew took our new chopper for a fly around the office…

But here’s the lesson. Here’s what’s instructive about this little bit of fun:

When Google’s marketing message arrived, we were in the middle of a boardroom meeting with a group of serious businessmen. For 15 minutes, these MBA and CPA-qualified suits were absorbed by Google’s ‘helicopter marketing’ as they flew the little chopper around the office, bouncing it off the walls and ceiling and crashing it into each other, laughing uproariously.

And they read every word of the Adwords promotion that came with the toy ‘Trojan Horse’. The lesson is simple: don’t believe the ‘gurus’ who tell you that it’s ALL about digital marketing these days, that direct mail is dead. It’s not. It’s alive and very, very well. And if you learn how to use it even a tenth as effectively as Google, you’ll reap the benefits in more clients, spending more money with you, more often.

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