If Google exits Australia, here’s what you need to do to protect your online assets

If Google exits Australia, here’s what you need to do to protect your online assets

I’ve written at length and often, of the dangers of relying on one of anything in business.

  • one supplier
  • one employee
  • one or very few large customers
  • one source of leads
  • one online marketing asset
  • one primary source of finance
  • one product

It’s an endless list.

Because if you suddenly lose that ‘one thing’, chances are your entire business gets hung out to dry.

Many a time, I’ve had a phone call like this: “Help! Facebook has taken by business page down, it’s the only way I keep in touch with my clients, what am I going to do?”

Or, “My one team member has just given me two weeks’ notice, she’s leaving a week before Christmas!”

But if you think that’s bad, imagine this:


Google suddenly shuts down its search engine for the whole country.

Fanciful? Not at all. In fact, that’s exactly what Google is threatening to do if the Australian government goes ahead with laws forcing Google and Facebook to pay mainstream media companies for news … the two tech giants currently swipe for free.

I doubt there’s a single hair salon, beauty salon, day spa or medispa that doesn’t, to a large degree, rely on Google to help clients and customers find them online.

Many spend big money every month to keep themselves at the top of Google’s search results, because 95% of people use Google exclusively to find products and services.

Like Sandi Chong of Suki Hairdressing in Newcastle, NSW, as quoted in this story in The Australian this week: 

This hairdresser spends $1000 a month on SE

(And if you doubt it’s worth spending a few hundred dollars a month on getting top Google ranking, it works. Many, many salons & spas pay Worldwide Salon Marketing to SEO their websites and Google My Business listings. For example, Allura Hair Boutique in Melbourne sits on top of the search rankings.

Their Google My Business listing brings them more than 200 phone enquiries every month. 

How this salon gets 200 calls a month

If Google throws its toys out of the playpen and sulks off into the sunset, that leaves a lot of businesses with little or no presence in search.

So, what can you do?

Microsoft’s BING is David to Google’s Goliath.

Microsoft can claim about 3% of current search traffic, to Google’s dominant 95%. But you can bet the folks at Microsoft are circling, waiting for Google to spit the dummy on Australia.

The other search tiddler is a company called DuckDuckGo, which is rapidly growing its market share on the back of not collecting user data and flogging it off to marketing companies.

The smart business owners are already getting prepared for this. For our Member businesses here at Worldwide Salon Marketing, we’re already laying the groundwork so that if and when Google Search disappears, they’ll be properly set up and optimised on Bing.  

There’s a LOT to be done.

  • Checking to make sure a business even has a Bing business listing.
  • If it hasn’t, setting one up from scratch, making sure all the images are optimized for search.
  • If it has, checking all the details (the NAP, or Name Address Phone details) match exactly with anywhere else the business is mentioned online, eg directories and review sites.
  • Ensuring the Bing map listing replaces (or is ready to replace) the Google map listing in the business’s website.
  • Ensuring all the images on the listing retain what’s called exif data – including GPS co-ordinates, tags, titles, comments and the business web address.

…and that’s just off the top of my head. 

We can make it easier for you. 

Option #1: you can of course go ahead and do it all yourself. Learn how to do it. Learn how to optimize all the images. Figure out how to check the NAP details and make sure they’re exactly the same as everywhere else on the internet.

Option #2: We can do it for you, in a couple of days! For $295 (incuding GST in Australia) it’ll be done for you, and you won’t have to worry about suddenly disappearing from search results if Google disappears from Australia!

What happens when you order Fix My Bing!

  1. As soon as you order, we’ll receive notification. 
  2. If we don’t already manage your Google My Business Listing, we’ll ask you to add us as a Manager of your Google My Business listing. 
  3. After that, we’ll do the rest. 

…and you’ll be advised immediately your Bing Places has been set up!


Greg Milner, Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing

Greg Milner is an author, marketing consultant and Founder of Worldwide Salon Marketing (2004). He’s coached and advised thousands of salon & spa owners on their business-building strategies. 
Greg’s team of digital marketing specialists build and maintain hundreds of websites, SEO processes and digital marketing campaigns for salons & spas all over the world. 

Office Chroma
Office Chroma
01:54 13 Jan 21
Greg and his team provide an excellent service. They are very easy to deal with and truly experts in the hair and beauty niche. They know what works and what doesn't, so they deliver real measurable results for your marketing budget.
Danielle Sandall
Danielle Sandall
08:11 12 Oct 20
A big thank you to Greg and the team at worldwide salon marketing. I’ve been very happy with the advise and help I have received over the last 2 years it’s been fantastic. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact them.
A Google User
A Google User
05:06 20 May 20
Greg and his team are second to none when it comes to getting clients through the door. As a start up Laser Tattoo Clinic with no reviews, I'm thrilled to say business thrived in the first five months of opening (pre Covid19) all due to the great advertising and follow up links provided by the team at WWMarketing. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey post Covid19 lockdown. Thank you, can't recommend you highly enough 🙂
Lorina Cassidy-Reid
Lorina Cassidy-Reid
05:06 20 May 20
Greg and his team are second to none when it comes to getting clients through the door. As a start up Laser Tattoo Clinic with no reviews, I'm thrilled to say business thrived in the first five months of opening (pre Covid19) all due to the great advertising and follow up links provided by the team at WWMarketing. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey post Covid19 lockdown. Thank you, can't recommend you highly enough 🙂
Leiza Cester
Leiza Cester
05:04 07 Apr 20
For the past 10 years Greg and the team from WSM have always facilitated a highly engaging, dynamic and professional marketing platform . We have been equipped with helpful tools focused around client retention, new client lead generation and past client re-engagement. Investing in this marketing program has helped grow our business to what it is today. Highly recommend. Also I would like to say the help we had from Sam with the launch of our Social Media Shops and advertising will be sure to drive more traffic our way.
Wafaa Karim
Wafaa Karim
08:19 04 Mar 20
Absolutely the best marketing company I've worked with. They understand our industry & provide targeted solutions to keep the phone ringing & the $$ coming in. Thank you Greg & team 😀
Darley International
Darley International
06:01 28 Feb 20
I have been working with Greg and his team within our business for many years and love his informative information videos to make our business better Thanks 🙏
Justiss Boyer
Justiss Boyer
14:00 21 Feb 20
Greg and his team have been pivotal to the success CANVAS Salon. We listen to everything they tell us to do and they have never led us astray. If you are in the need of marketing help and you're in the beauty industry, Worldwide Salon Marketing are the team to have on your side.
Effie Argys
Effie Argys
06:31 19 Jan 20
Many thanks to Greg and his wonderful team at Worldwide Salon Marketing for the amazing new website they created for my business Escape Skin and Body. Every request I made was met with efficiency and promptness. It made my whole experience very seamless and positive. The communication between Greg and his team was flawless, and I would highly recommend them to any salon owner needing an overhaul of their website. Thanks so much to both Greg and Rose. A job well done!
Debbie Bryan
Debbie Bryan
12:05 13 Nov 19
Highly recommend, I worked with these guys over 7 years ago and they were great then and even better now. Genuine solutions for Salon owners to help them work on their business profitably. If you were thinking about trying Greg then you absolutely should right now.
Marcel Reuben
Marcel Reuben
06:51 10 Oct 19
thanks for all your help promoting our business , much appreciated.
John Abbott
John Abbott
00:35 15 Dec 18
Greg and his team are the most professional and helpful marketing people I have worked with. Their guidance in developing the media presence for our shop has been invaluable. His marketing knowledge is a revelation.
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Four tips to create great salon offers

Four tips to create great salon offers

Most business owners know that Christmas is a no-brainer. Bookings are full, and everybody’s scrambling to fit as many clients in as possible before the break.

But the really smart owners have their eyes on the New Year. Finding clients before Christmas is easy. After? Not so much.

It takes some clever “Sales Thinking”.

And the very first “Sales Thinking 101” is your offer.

Marketing without an offer is like putting up a logo and imagining it’s somehow going to attract a stampede of customers all on its own.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer.

Pretty pictures alone doesn’t cut it. Most small business owners know how to throw up a picture on social media, or send an email to their clients and prospects. But few know the ‘secret sauce’ of creating an offer that compels people to respond. That’s irresistible.

So here are the “Big Four” elements that make up a great offer: Run these by your current marketing and see if it ticks all these boxes.

1. It has to be clear.

Confused people don’t buy. Discounts and value-add-ons can work, but don’t make the prospect think. Half off works better than 50% off, and 50% off works better than 35% off or 60% off, because people have trouble working out percentages.

Two for one, or buy one, get one free will almost always work better than half off.

For years, Members of our Client Attraction System have used our famous “Buy One, Get One Free” templates to great effect around Christmas time to drive clients and prospects into the salon after the holiday.

2. The offer has to be good value.

Don’t be shy about publishing prices. If you’re offering a discount or a premium, make sure people can compare it with published prices. People have been lied to for decades, by everyone from the church down. So they’re suspicious. Make the extra value crystal clear.

3. Put a limit on the offer.

There’s no point creating a great offer and then, by default, making it open-ended. Scarcity drives response.

You can either limit the offer by time, or by numbers. But I’ve found limiting by numbers has almost always worked better than limiting by time.

So “only for the first 17 to respond” tends to work better than “Offer ends January 31.” And thanks to technology, if your offer is on your website, you can automatically show how many of the special offer or deal are left.

4. Make it believable.

There should always be a reason for you making this offer. Again, people are suspicious. We’ve all been taught there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

So you need to explain. You’re doing this to introduce a new team member. Or to celebrate a birthday. Or the opening of a new shop, an anniversary, a celebration of some kind.

Almost any explanation will do. But there has to be one.

Now, take a look over your most recent marketing material. Does it offer great value? Is it scarce? Is it believable?

Strategies and tips like this are just the – pardon the pun – tip of the iceberg.

Which is why so many salon & spa owners are Members of our Client Attraction System.

It’s a complete “how-to” online course in marketing for smart salon owners, plus a huge range of downloadable tools, templates, and done-for-you social media marketing.

How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to get dozens of new clients for your salon or spa every month using digital advertising

Any salon owner can throw money at Facebook and Google advertising. Many do, in a haphazard way, hoping that “some of the mud sticks.”

But it takes some careful “Sales Thinking” and technical skill to avoid wasting that money, and a lot of time. It’s often a mistake to ask one ad to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ – in other words, asking an ad to bring instant sales straight off the bat.

Advertising a salon’s services isn’t like selling something generic, like a fridge, or a microwave oven. Everybody is familiar with those products, but for personal services? Not so much.

So it’s often better for a salon to use digital advertising to ‘raise leads’ and then up-sell to those prospective customers and clients, rather than try to sell a big-ticket service to them up-front.

Wafaa Karim, owner of Sydney’s Cronulla Skin Sanctuary, needed more clients for her new tattoo removal machine.

So with Worldwide Salon Marketing’s help, Wafaa crafted an offer designed to raise leads.

Facebook ads for salons &s

Wafaa Krim (right) and her team at Cronulla Skin Sanctuary

Here’s what happened: 

1) First, we designed and built a landing page to take traffic from advertising on Facebook. The landing page looks like this…

Landing page for salon Facebook advertising

Here’s a link to that landing page. 

2) Second, we wrote and designed a series of half a dozen ads for testing a Facebook campaign to direct prospective clients to the offer on that landing page. Wafaa’s daily advertising budget was spread evenly across all of the ads. Each ad contained the same text above the image or video. Over a 14-day period, we monitored the relative costs versus the clicks each of those ads produced.

The data eventually showed us that one particular ad was producing the best ‘click-through-rate’ at the lowest cost. So we concentrated Wafaa’s chosen daily budget into that one ad. The ad looks like this:

Facebook advertising for salons &s
That ad campaign – albeit interrupted mid-term by Covid-19 lockdowns – has now been running for several months. In july 2020 alone, it produced no fewer than 58 ‘conversions’. That’s a measure of the number of people who saw the ad, clicked through to the landing page, and filled in the “Yes, Pick Me” form on the page.

That’s a conversion rate of nearly 10%, a huge figure in comparison with the worldwide average for Facebook ads.

(That figure does not include people who saw the ad and instead of filling in the form, picked up the phone and called the salon to make a booking.)

Here’s a graph of those landing page opt-ins for the month of July: 


Facebook advertising graph for salons
It’s made Wafaa Karim a very happy salon owner: 


Online advertising for salons &s
Need help with your online advertising and marketing? 

Find out more here, and talk direct to the founder of Worldwide Salon Marketing, Greg Milner, about your online advertising goals. Call +61-8-94439327

LIVE on Zoom – Monday, May 4th: Karen Briffa’s 6-Point Plan to be “Coronavirus-Ready” When Your Salon Re-Opens

Coronavirus will still be with us after businesses are allowed to open their doors. Clients will be nervous, wary of salons that can’t demonstrate absolute adherence to hygiene and social distancing.
Karen Briffa’s Le Beau Clinic & Day Spa has won the World Luxury Spa Awards for past FIVE years. She’s an expert at systems and procedures, and in this webinar, she’ll detail how she’s completely systemized her business’s approach to being “coronavirus-ready” for when salons are allowed to open their doors again.
Join in, ask questions, get detailed answers!

Monday, May 4th
10am Western Australia
Noon in Eastern Australia
2pm New Zealand
7pm Sunday May 3 in US Pacific Time

NOTE: ONLY for the first 50 salon & spa owners to register. 


Use your time during the lockdown! 

Find out how to use simple, short videos – just like Carolyn does – to drive clients into your busines, and dominate your local market. 

Book a FREE 30 minute coaching session with me, and I’ll show you, live on screen, how Carolyn does it, and you can too!

Greg Milner
CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing
Author, “Rich Salon Owner” and “Simple Salon Marketing”

– G’day, it’s Greg at Worldwide Salon Marketing.

If your business has been closed by the pandemic, then here’s a way you can use that down time to get ready for when   lockdowns are lifted. Today I wanna introduce you to a salon owner who owned an ordinary salon in a suburb of one of our major cities, and using a very, very easy tool that everybody carries in their pocket 24 hours a day, she turned her business into the biggest and most successful in her field within a year.

She did it using this thing, very simple, just an ordinary mobile phone. And within a very short time, Carolyn Evans had brought in clients from all over the world to her suburban business.  

Here’s how she did it.