How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to Get 50 New Salon Clients a Month with Online Ads

How to get dozens of new clients for your salon or spa every month using digital advertising

Any salon owner can throw money at Facebook and Google advertising. Many do, in a haphazard way, hoping that “some of the mud sticks.”

But it takes some careful “Sales Thinking” and technical skill to avoid wasting that money, and a lot of time. It’s often a mistake to ask one ad to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ – in other words, asking an ad to bring instant sales straight off the bat.

Advertising a salon’s services isn’t like selling something generic, like a fridge, or a microwave oven. Everybody is familiar with those products, but for personal services? Not so much.

So it’s often better for a salon to use digital advertising to ‘raise leads’ and then up-sell to those prospective customers and clients, rather than try to sell a big-ticket service to them up-front.

Wafaa Karim, owner of Sydney’s Cronulla Skin Sanctuary, needed more clients for her new tattoo removal machine.

So with Worldwide Salon Marketing’s help, Wafaa crafted an offer designed to raise leads.

Facebook ads for salons &s

Wafaa Krim (right) and her team at Cronulla Skin Sanctuary

Here’s what happened: 

1) First, we designed and built a landing page to take traffic from advertising on Facebook. The landing page looks like this…

Landing page for salon Facebook advertising

Here’s a link to that landing page. 

2) Second, we wrote and designed a series of half a dozen ads for testing a Facebook campaign to direct prospective clients to the offer on that landing page. Wafaa’s daily advertising budget was spread evenly across all of the ads. Each ad contained the same text above the image or video. Over a 14-day period, we monitored the relative costs versus the clicks each of those ads produced.

The data eventually showed us that one particular ad was producing the best ‘click-through-rate’ at the lowest cost. So we concentrated Wafaa’s chosen daily budget into that one ad. The ad looks like this:

Facebook advertising for salons &s
That ad campaign – albeit interrupted mid-term by Covid-19 lockdowns – has now been running for several months. In july 2020 alone, it produced no fewer than 58 ‘conversions’. That’s a measure of the number of people who saw the ad, clicked through to the landing page, and filled in the “Yes, Pick Me” form on the page.

That’s a conversion rate of nearly 10%, a huge figure in comparison with the worldwide average for Facebook ads.

(That figure does not include people who saw the ad and instead of filling in the form, picked up the phone and called the salon to make a booking.)

Here’s a graph of those landing page opt-ins for the month of July: 


Facebook advertising graph for salons
It’s made Wafaa Karim a very happy salon owner: 


Online advertising for salons &s
Need help with your online advertising and marketing? 

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Coronavirus will still be with us after businesses are allowed to open their doors. Clients will be nervous, wary of salons that can’t demonstrate absolute adherence to hygiene and social distancing.
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Greg Milner
CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing
Author, “Rich Salon Owner” and “Simple Salon Marketing”

– G’day, it’s Greg at Worldwide Salon Marketing.

If your business has been closed by the pandemic, then here’s a way you can use that down time to get ready for when   lockdowns are lifted. Today I wanna introduce you to a salon owner who owned an ordinary salon in a suburb of one of our major cities, and using a very, very easy tool that everybody carries in their pocket 24 hours a day, she turned her business into the biggest and most successful in her field within a year.

She did it using this thing, very simple, just an ordinary mobile phone. And within a very short time, Carolyn Evans had brought in clients from all over the world to her suburban business.  

Here’s how she did it.


[VIDEO] How this salon sold $16,000 in retail products – in TWO DAYS…..

The pandemic lockdown has paralyzed thousands of salon business owners. Like deer in the headlights, many are frozen into inaction.

But for some, the threat to business survival has galvanized them into ACTION stations.

Like Lisa van Dyk of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand. Lisa is a long time Member of our Client Attraction System and digital marketing services.

With two days’ notice of New Zealand’s impending lockdown – one of the most severe ‘flatten the curve’ countries in the world – Lisa and her team pulled the trigger on a short but incredibly intense drive to sell as much retail product as they could in just 48 hours.

Want results like that for your business? 

Lisa and more than 5,000 other salon owners around the world have used Worldwide Salon Marketing’s done-for-you promotions and and digital marketing services to boost their businesses.

Now, to help salon owners affected by coronavirus, we’ve released our core program, the Client Attraction System, at a one-time-only price.

You can treat the lockdown one of two ways –

“Woe is me!” Or a chance to get some stuff done.  If you are “Woe is me” please leave this site.
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The Client Attraction System contains a complete, 10-module online video streaming course, plus hundreds of downloadable, tested and proven promotions and graphics you can edit to suit your own business.

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I look forward to seeing you on the call… 

Founder & CEO, Worldwide Salon Marketing
Author of Rich Salon Owner and Simple Salon Marketing

Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi, Greg Milner here, the salon marketing guy, the guy who makes salon phones ring even in these tough times, it is possible to make heaps of money. Imagine this selling retail, like it’s going out of style. Here’s exactly how Lisa van Dyke of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand did it, $16,000 in just two days. Would that help your cashflow? Here she is

Speaker 2 (00:22):

So we were having a financial year product retail sale which wasn’t supposed to have been actually launched, um, until after we were actually put into lockdown, but we brought it forward. Um, so we literally only had two days of trading as such, and it was you buy two products, you get a third product for $25, and we sold over $16,000 worth of product in those two days that were literally just retail days and purely for finding clients. Um, ones that were also coming in and only maybe buying one or two products, we told them, you know, if they get an extra one, they’re only paying $25 for it anyway. So yeah, and I would three, four plus products and he had just pint stocking up because they knew they weren’t going to be able to access for however long.

Speaker 1 (01:12):

So how did you reach out to clients?

Speaker 2 (01:15):

Hold them. Yep. Um, I think we had one email that went out and we maybe had one post that made it live on social media. Um, but it was purely through, we probably rang, I don’t know, a hundred plus clients. Um, yeah, just saying that’s what it was.

Speaker 1 (01:38):

And you did $16,000 in sales in two days from a hundred or so clients.

Speaker 2 (01:43):

So I think like if we possibly hadn’t had that before lockdown, we would be in a lot worse position. So just a little bit.

Speaker 1 (01:52):

So you can treat the lockdown in one of two ways. You can say, woe is me and sit on your hands and do nothing. Or you can take some massive action and make some money. If that’s what you want to do, then click on the link to the client attraction system below the video. And, uh, that gives you all the tools you need to actually turn this into a success. If you’re woe is me, then you’ve probably got no place watching this video. See you soon.


3 Ways to Keep Your Salon Sales Up with “Pandemic Proofing” Against Covid-19

3 Ways to Keep Your Salon Sales Up with “Pandemic Proofing” Against Covid-19

Do you feel the lockdown is a disaster, or…an opportunity

Greg Milner, Founder, Worldwide Salon MarketingGet a FREE 30-minute “Massive Action” strategy session with WSM’s founder & CEO Greg Milner and find out how YOU can take advantage of the downtime to keep the cash register ticking over. 

AND be ready to hit the ground running when the crisis is over. 

Hit the button below now and choose your day and time for a free strategy session with Greg. 

Thousands of salons all over the world have been forced to shut their doors due to coronavirus.

Many owners are frozen in fear.

But the crisis WILL end.

And there ARE actions you can take to prepare yourself for when the lockdown is over – when you can open your doors again.

The salon owners who are using the down-time to fine-tune their marketing and online assets are going to be in the best position to hit the ground running.

As soon as long-time Worldwide Salon Marketing member Effie Tsopolous was told to shut down her big Hobart skin care centre, she was on the phone to us.

“Help!” she said. “I need to make changes FAST to our website and Facebook pages so we can at least sell retail products, gift vouchers, and promote skin consultations by Zoom video.”

So our team of developers went to work. First, a major update to Effie’s home page: 

(Click on image to go to Escape’s home page)

Then, designing a new page and uploading a raft of images of the products she wanted to sell online:

(Click on image to go to Escape’s online shop)

Next, an overhaul of Effie’s Facebook page, with a new cover photo, and tweaking the page to allow for online booking of free skin consultations:

(Click on image to go to Escape’s Facebook page)

seo-salons-and-spas-australia“Being quick to make these changes and updates is already having an effect,” says Effie. “We’re getting sales online, and we haven’t even started making phone calls to clients or emailing them with links to the site.” 


Here’s another example of a salon taking “Massive Action” to keep the cash register ticking over during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Karen Skewes is an award-winning owner of Le Beau Day Spa in Perth. This morning, she sent out this carefully-worded email: 

Do you feel the lockdown is a disaster, or…an opportunity

Greg Milner, Founder, Worldwide Salon MarketingGet a FREE 30-minute “Massive Action” strategy session with WSM’s founder & CEO Greg Milner and find out how YOU can take advantage of the downtime to keep the cash register ticking over. 

AND be ready to hit the ground running when the crisis is over. 

Hit the button below now and choose your day and time for a free strategy session with Greg.