[VIDEO] Simple Salon Website Hacks that Get Your More Clients

Marnie here,

What if you could attract more clients to your salon while you sleep…

…or while you’re enjoying time with friends and family…

…or even while you’re away on an overseas holiday?

It’s the dream of many a salon owner, isn’t it? Yet, for many of our Members at Worldwide Salon Marketing, it happens all the time.

And it’s all thanks to an incredibly simple, but very powerful tool that my technical specialists install on almost every website we build for salons & spas, all over the world.

It’s called a Lead Magnet…

…it’s just a little form called an ‘opt-in’, offering the website visitor a reason to hand over their name, email address and phone number.

Many of the websites we’ve built and maintain for salons & spas have literally hundreds of people fill in their lead magnet form, and in some cases, turned more than 300 people into regular clients in a single year.

It’s kind of like having an unpaid salesperson!

Watch this short video as WSM’s founder Greg Milner describes how it works:

(and below the video, find out how you can get this done for you, so you too can start getting a steady stream of new leads and clients!)

That’s an incredibly powerful strategy, don’t you think?

And it works brilliantly.

In April 2019 alone, forty four prospective new clients filled in that little form on Allura’s website!

That’s 44 people who, for the sake of a little $25 giveaway, can be turned into regular clients.

Let’s do some numbers here:

Let’s say that only 20% of those people book a second service. That’s ten people. And that’s happening at Allura every month!

It’s such a simple little tweak, but hugely effective in generating new business.

It’s like having an unpaid salesperson, working 24 hours a day for you. Kinda cool, don’t you think?

Is YOUR website working like an unpaid salesperson?

Click the image below to find out more.

Is YOUR website set up to give you the best chance of capturing leads?

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[VIDEO] How Narelle’s Salon Made an Extra $2,000 a Week – by Changing ONE Thing

[VIDEO] How Narelle’s Salon Made an Extra $2,000 a Week – by Changing ONE Thing

Marnie here, I’ve heard this a million times:

“If I put my prices up, I’m terrified I’ll lose clients!”

Does that ring a bell with you?

I guessed as much. It’s one of the big fears of any salon or spa owner.

But guess what?

There are ONLY three ways to increase your revenue. In ANY business, doesn’t matter if you’re a big business, or a small business.

1) Get more customers
2) Get your customers buying more often.
3) Raise Your Prices!

That’s it. Whether you’re Apple, General Motors or a corner store, there are no other ways.

At Worldwide Salon Marketing, we’ve been coaching our Member salons on this for years. And for those who take action, the results can be pretty amazing.

Take Narelle McKenzie for example. When Rich Salon Owner author and WSM founder Greg Milner advised her to simply raise her prices by 10% without announcing it beforehand, she was a little taken-aback.

“But surely you can’t just raise your prices without telling your clients in advance?” she asked.

Well, yes, you can. Does your local supermarket put up posters telling customers that prices are going up in 3 weeks? Does your doctor write you a letter giving advance notice of fee increases? Nope.

They just do it. And people just pay!

In this interview, Narelle tells Greg how she instantly increased her weekly revenue by a not-inconsiderable $2,000 – by doing nothing more than changing her salon’s prices in the computer.

And nobody even mentioned it!

Does that make sense?

It sure does to me. It was one of the very first lessons I learned when I joined Worldwide Salon Marketing as a very stressed-out, desperate salon owner many years ago.

Strategies like the one you’ve just heard Narelle describing helped me take my little suburban salon from a lowly $2,000 a month in sales to a very healthy $17K a week…(and that was a pretty ordinary week, we’d often top $20K!)

To find out more about the Client Attraction System, click on the image below…and I’ll see you on the next page:-)

[VIDEO] Why Hair & Beauty Prescriptions Work

[VIDEO] Why Hair & Beauty Prescriptions Work

Marnie here,

While I was delving through our archives, I found a fascinating interview he recorded with super-successful salon owner and long-term Worldwide Salon Marketing member Tracey Smyth.

Tracey saw a big increase in re-booking rates and retail sales by implementing a brilliant ‘diagnosis & prescription strategy’, using a simple but incredibly powerful document she developed.

And, generously, she’s made that detailed Diagnosis and Prescription document available as an instant download for members of the new Client Attraction System 2.0.

Members can log in here to get it.

If you want to know the step-by-step process Tracey uses to boost her re-bookings and sales, listen in as she explains how really simple it is…

That’s an incredibly powerful strategy, don’t you think? 

But why go through the time-consuming chore of having to re-create such a terrific sales document when you can simply download modify to suit your own salon or spa? 
That document, and hundreds more ‘done-for-you’ salon marketing and sales templates are available as push-button downloads for Members of my Client Attraction System 2.0. 
Click the image below to find out more. 

How to Sell Your Salon – By Uncovering the Hidden Value

Your comments welcome – see below. 
Marnie here, 
When I sold my first salon business, I got a fat six figures for it. 
Now, for most owners of a typical hair or beauty salon, that seems like an awful lot of money to ask. And it is, but I was able to get it because I’d uncovered some hidden value that your garden-variety business broker or accountant wouldn’t even think to look for. 
Let alone your well-meaning friends and family. 
I was reminded of this when I took a phone call from one of our Members the other day. 
“I’m going to put my salon on the market,” she said. “I’ve worked hard for five years, it’s time to start a family.” 
So, I asked, is the business ready for sale? 
“I think so. I take a good salary, we have great products, lots of regular clients, and the salon looks wonderful and it’s in a great location…” 
But when I started asking questions, I could tell from the tone of her replies that this was going to be a disappointing conversation for her. 
And that’s because there’s a gaping difference between what the owner of a business thinks has value, and what an astute prospective buyer thinks is valuable. 
(And I use the word ‘astute’ with caution. With stars in their eyes, many a beauty therapist or stylist on the hunt for their own business will fall in love with the ‘pretty’ surface and fail to look at what really matters.)
First, the ‘standard’ way to value a business.
Financials (obviously). 
An accountant will look at a business the way accountants do, with a calculator, analysing past performance, profit and loss, assets and liabilities, and come up with a ‘valuation’ for you based on those bare essentials. 
Valid, certainly, but extremely limited, and limiting. Past performance is only half of the story. 
Stock, fixtures and fittings and shop lease (again, obviously) 
Yes, they may have some value. But have you ever tried to sell second-hand furniture? It’s worth next to nothing. Retail products? 
You’ll need to be a very good salesperson to get anything like what you paid for it. And an astute buyer will screw you down on the remaining term of the shop lease, knowing you’re legally obliged unless they’re prepared to have the lease assigned to them. 
Then there’s that hoary old chestnut, 
It’s just air. Business vendors will, usually on the advice of their accountant/broker/business coach, attempt to ascribe a dollar value to that most intangible of intangibles, the ‘goodwill’ or loyalty of the customers to the business. 
These days, there is little or no loyalty. And buyers know it. Don’t even think about trying to pull that one over them. 
Now to the stuff you haven’t thought about, and certainly your accountant hasn’t….
Your database. 
By far the most valuable, most measurable part of your business is your list
Your list of clients, customers and prospective customers held in an orderly, well-maintained electronic database containing not only their full contact details (name, email address, phone number, and most importantly, physical mailing address) but their spending habits and booking frequency. 
This is the gold. This is the thing that a buyer can look at and determine with reasonable accuracy the current health of the business, and its potential, given a more robust and refined marketing program. 
If you software program is set up correctly, a prospective buyer will also be able to determine what marketing information you’ve been sending out to that database, and its responsiveness. 
Your list has a strategic value in and of itself. If I were buying a salon, it’s the first thing I’d look at, not the financials of the business. I’d then put that list alongside the financials, and try to find cause and effect. 
Then I’d take a very close look at the thing that really matters…
Your marketing infrastructure, both online and offline. 
The second most important, most valuable, and easily the most measurable asset of any local business like a hair or beauty salon is…drum roll please…your online presence. 
Thanks to technology, an astute buyer will demand your Google logins. 
Why? Give me your Google account logins and within one minute I’ll be able to tell exactly how many phone calls and website visits you’ve had in the last 30 days or 90 days from people searching for a hair salon or a beauty salon in your area. 
Here’s an example; the Google Insights figures for one of our Member salons, in the little South Australian town of Port Pirie.
It shows that this salon received 74 phone calls in the last 30 days from people who had Googled a beauty salon in Port Pirie and called the business using the ‘click to call’ function provided by Google. 
In addition, the salon received 67 clicks through to its website from the Google Plus listing in search results, which would have produced another raft of phone calls. 
Here’s what Amber Clayton, the owner of that salon, says about the value of her local search ranking:
What Amber is talking about is important, value-adding stuff. 
For a prospective buyer, it is proof that the investment put into online marketing by this salon owner is paying off in easily-measured numbers. 
It means I, the buyer, can count on getting a steady stream of appointment-producing phone calls. And that means sales, and profits
And that means you can put a defined value on that online presence, quite apart and separate from any valuation your accountant might put on past revenue and profit. 
(You should also know – and Google provides the tools to find this out – how many people are searching online for a hair stylist or beauty therapist in your area in any one month period.) 
Your presence in social media also matters, though not to the extent that Google ranking does. How many Facebook fans you have, how many Instagram followers you have, matters in that it gives a buyer a sense of how active and productive you are on social media. 
But don’t be fooled, or try to fool – Facebook and Instagram followers are not customers. They’re just fans. People who actually call your business are customers (or potential customers).
So yes, financials and balance sheets matter. 
But smart buyers know they’re only part of the story. And they are past history. The only figures that can give me a picture of the future are those produced by the marketing metrics above. 
If you don’t know what your marketing metrics are, then you – and the buyer – are floundering in the dark.
Those crucial figures – proven phone calls, your Google ranking, the size and quality of your database of clients, and yes, to some extent your social media engagement and activity, can all be presented as adding extra value to your salon when it comes time to sell. 
Okay, so what to do now? 
First, take a look at your website using our FREE website analyser. Just type in your website address and our analyser will tell you how many errors there are…and you’ll get a FREE report on what they are and how to fix them. 

Get your free copy of the Salon Business Plan Template here.

Discover all the essential elements of marketing your business so it can reach its full potential with the Client Attraction System 2.0

6 Simple Facebook Competitions to Boost Salon Engagement

6 Simple Facebook Competitions to Boost Salon Engagement

Marnie here, 
I know many salon owners who rely almost entirely on Facebook for their bookings and sales.
It’s where you post special offers,  announce new products and services, introduce your team members and much more. 
But sometimes, no matter how loud you shout, it seems nobody is listening, right? Hardly anybody seems to notice, and it can be SO frustrating. 
So here are half a dozen simple easy-to-do contests that can serioously boost engagement and activity among your Facebook followers. 
First thing is, a Facebook contest has to be SIMPLE. 
Forget messing about with third-party applications – just run a simple contest through a status update on your Facebook timeline. 
The goal is to increase the engagement and reach of your business on Facebook by encouraging activity.  When people LIKE, Share and Comment on your Facebook updates, you’ll get exposure to their Facebook network and increase the likelihood of showing up in their timeline in the future. 
You can also use a simple Facebook contest to grow your email list.  I’ll talk about this strategy last. 
If you find yourself wanting to hold a more complex contest than the below, consider using one of the third party apps I mention at the end of this article. 
Facebook does have Terms of Service around contests and you can review the official Facebook promotion guidelines here.
You can have any of the six contests below running in minutes.
1 – Like to Win
It doesn’t get simpler than this.  Find an incentive to give away and ask people to LIKE your page to enter. 
The goal here is simply to increase the number of people that LIKE your page so that you can continue to engage with them. 
If possible, use an image of the prize in the post.
This is really simple. 
Ask your fans to comment on your post. The comment is their entry into the competition. Here’s a typical fill-in-the-blank example that encourages comments: 
“My fav travel destination is_________________________ because __________________ Post your top travel destination to enter to win (Prize)! We’ll pick a winner from the comments at 5pm on Thursday!”
Here’s how Gummy Bear did it: 
2 – Comment to Win 
3 – Solve to Win
It’s just a twist on Comment to Win. 
Contest entries will still be registered through comments but, in this case, you’re asking them to solve a puzzle or answer a trivia question. 
Here’s a classic example: 
“Guess how many jelly beans are in this jar. The closest guess will win [PRIZE]. Winner will be announced at 6 pm on Easter Sunday on our Facebook page.
The LoansbyChris Facebook page posted a series of trivia questions over several days that ultimately culminated in a single winner. 
Notice that the trivia questions are relevant to his mortgage lending business…
4 – Selfie Contest
People LOVE taking selfies. 
Why not take advantage of it, with an “upload your fav selfie and Win!” contest…
Such as:
“Did you go to the Beauty Expo? Share a photo you took of your weekend activities, put the pic in the comments below – if your photo gets the most ‘likes’ you win (Prize) – contest winner announced Monday at 11am.”
Here’s another one:
5 – Caption Contest
Here’s another twist on the Comment to Win contest – and this can get a LOT of activity on your page. 
Be careful with the image you choose though, if you use the wrong image, it can fall flat. But a good image that’s relevant to your fan base will generate a lot of comments, likes and shares. 
Here’s a winner: 
6- Join Our Email List to Win
But the contest you should be concentrating on is one which gets all those fans and followers into your email list!
Having fans on Facebook is all well and good. But they are Facebook’s customers, not yours – until you can get them away from Facebook and into your mailing list. 
Which is why, for example, whenever my team of specialists builds a new website for a salon, somewhere in the world, we always encourage them to instal some kind of email ‘lead capture’ device on the website. 
Then you can run a competition on Facebook to drive people to your website, where they can pick up a free Gift Voucher for first-time visitors, like this one: 

Discover all the essential elements of marketing your business so it can reach its full potential with the Client Attraction System 2.0

Has all this been useful for you? Don’t be afraid to comment below…oh, and we have TONS of marketing ideas, courses, templates, video how-to material, social media graphics – all instantly downloadable in the Client Attraction System…go take a look here: https://worldwidesalonmarketing.com/client-attraction-system-2-0/
Talk soon:-)