Podcast: with Jason Marrs, author of “No B.S. Pricing Strategy” – the ‘sales thinking’ behind putting prices on your products and services.

For most business owners, pricing the products and services of the business is pretty much a Pin the Tail on the Donkey exercise – looking around at what everybody else is doing, and doing much the same. But in today’s podcast, author of “No BS Pricing Strategy”, Jason Marrs reveals why it’s the least effective…

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Rich Salon Owner Podcast #11: How to Get Dozens New Clients a Month from Your Website

You’d love to have your website send you a constant stream of new prospective clients, wouldn’t you? In today’s RSO Podcast, I’m talking with Maya Spa owner Rebecca Voller about how her website sends her so many new prospective clients each month, it’s a struggle to manage the incoming inquiries. But it’s a nice problem…

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[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to Upload a Video from your Phone or Tablet – and get it on your website!

I’ve been nagging salons & spas for years to use VIDEO to help promote their businesses. Everyone these days watches videos on their smart phones. And their tablets. It’s THE quickest and easiest way to get your message across, with personality, visual appeal, and sheer impact. Nothing beats demonstration as a sales tool. But I’d…

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Podcast: Renting Chairs/Rooms or Hiring Staff? An expert’s views.

We get a lot of inquiries and questions from salon & spa owners about whether they should hire staff, or rent out their rooms/chairs to independent stylists and therapists. There are pros and cons for both approaches, but as I wrote in this post a couple of weeks back, you either do one, or the…

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Renting or Employing? – A Guide for Salon & Spa Owners

Tearing your hair out over whether to rent chairs or treatment rooms?  There are traps aplenty, so before you go down the path of either employing staff or renting out space/chairs, or a combination of both, do some study. It might save you much heartache, legal wrangles and costly mistakes down the track. In most…

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NEW: The FREE “How-To” Marketing Video Series for Salon & Spa Owners who Want More Clients, FAST!

In these 7 short videos, you’ll discover… The ‘sales thinking’ process to maximise any marketing you do The simple letter that brought in more than $50,000 for a Tasmanian salon in less than two weeks The biggest marketing mistake – and how to avoid it Discounting is evil. Here’s how to stop it, and actually…

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5 Ways to Market Your Salon This Christmas

In this short video, veteran Worldwide Salon Marketing member Louise Adkins of Lavish Skin in Benalla, Victoria, explains the clever ‘card trick’ at the heart of a brilliant promotion she used last Christmas – so successful, in fact, she’ll be using it again this year. This is the first 4 minutes of a 45 minute…

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Rich Salon Owner Podcast #9 – Do you suffer from these 5 expensive marketing mistakes?

In today’s podcast, Branka Duric talks with Rich Salon Owner author Greg Milner about the brand new series of how-to videos he and his team have produced – 7 short videos that are a must for salon & spa owners, indeed, all owners of small businesses, who struggle with the sheer size of the task…

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Podcast: 3 ways to make your salon business DIFFERENT.

It’s better to be different than it is to be merely better (than your competition). In today’s podcast, long-time WSM member Carolyn Evans of Absolique Hair Health Clinic reveals the brilliant strategy she used to dramatically boost her business, turning it from just another ordinary hair salon into a marketing powerhouse. (Pay particular attention at the…

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6 Ways to Figure Out How to Price Your Services

I’ve always found the science behind pricing a fascinating subject. So does writer and commentator William Poundstone, author of many books including Priceless, The Myth of Fair Value.  If you’ve ever wondered how businesses figure out what a product or service is worth, listen in as Mr Poundstone reveals some of the psychology behind pricing.…

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