In this short video, veteran Worldwide Salon Marketing member Louise Adkins of Lavish Skin in Benalla, Victoria, explains the clever ‘card trick’ at the heart of a brilliant promotion she used last Christmas – so successful, in fact, she’ll be using it again this year.

This is the first 4 minutes of a 45 minute Planning & Brainstorming session with WSM members on Monday, October 23, 2017.

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In the remainder of this video conference:

  • The cheap $3 giveaway that gets kids – and their parents – coming back for more at an entrepreneurial Melbourne salon.
  • The ‘shopping night’ promotion being used by a salon in regional Taree, NSW.
  • The Christmas Tree promotion planned by a Townsville salon.
  • The Facebook advertising campaign to sell Gift Vouchers in the last week before Christmas

…and much more.