It’s a game changer for sure.

And Google can certainly do that since they pretty much run the online show.

So, here’s what new and decidedly different.

Google has made the biggest change to their search algorithms since 2001. Called Hummingbird, the new change affects 90% of all searches.

Instead of the old style traditional keyword search, Google now uses conversational searches to deliver results. Why? Because that’s how most people search for what they are looking for.

And yes, that means searchers are using longer search phrases and more specific phrases to find what they want. Instead of “iPhones,” searchers are using phrases like, “Where can I get the best price on an iPhone 5?” (Business News Daily, 10/1013)

But here’s the kicker: 

“Content for the sake of ‘words on a page’ doesn’t have the base value it once had,” said Bill Sebald, owner of Greenland Search Marketing, a search engine optimization consulting group. “Now your content really has to answer something. This should move content strategy higher on the list of business marketing objectives. It’s now even more important for desktop and mobile SEO.”

  • Searches are more conversational
  • And your content has to answer something

No more poorly written copy stuffed with keywords like a Thanksgiving bird.What you write has to add value. It has to mean something not only to your clients, but to Google. I’ve preached that forever. Thanks Google for catching up with me!If you ever needed validation that conversational copy paired with a message makes you money, you now have it.

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