Ashleigh Mills of Ashleigh Renea Hair & Beauty in Katanning, WA; massive action brought $6,000 in sales in a single afternoon

With a multicultural population of just 3,000 in the deep south-west of Western Australia, the little town of Katanning is hardly the centre of the hair & beauty universe.But for salon owner Ashleigh Mills, its a gold mine. Ashleigh has been a Worldwide Salon Marketing member since February 2010, actively and enthusiastically embracing – and implementing – everything we teach salons about direct response marketing, about salesmanship, about product packaging, down to the tiniest detail.

And she’s reaping the rewards.

In December 2012, her sales surpassed the previous December by a substantial $13,700. (In itself, more than many a country salon brings in in an entire month.)

Here’s how Ashleigh tells the story of her brilliant ‘massive action’ pre-Christmas campaign.


Katanning, WA. Wheat, sheep and cattle country. Hardly hair & beauty heaven. But Ashleigh Mills has turned her salon into a solid business with the right attitude, and marketing tools that work.


There is a lesson here: with the right attitude, combined with the right tools (eg the marketing resources available to WSM member salons via the Million Dollar Members Website) you can defy the surrounding economy. In fact, ‘create your own economy’.