Kellie Rout - from little things, big things grew

Kellie Rout – from little things, big things grew

What would YOU do if you were in your early to mid-twenties and starting out in the salon business right now – would you do things differently?

Ten years ago, young salon owner Kellie Rout was a typical small business person – working full time ‘on the tools’, trying her best to manage, train and encourage her small staff, and struggling to figure out how to turn her little two-basin salon into a thriving business. She found many of the answers with Worldwide Salon Marketing’s membership program. Kellie joined the same year WSM was founded, and has been a Member ever since.

Fast-forward a decade, and how things have changed – a success story only a tiny percentage of hair or beauty professionals can mirror. Kellie’s Emphasis on Hair is now a two-salon business employing 22 staff. Kellie hasn’t worked on the floor for years, and spends almost all her time working from home with husband Keenan and enjoy their two young children.  Need inspiration for your own salon business? Watch this 7 minute video!


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