Nicole Lopez 3“I almost never go into the salon any more. I stay at home with my toddler son, while the business grows and grows…”

Nicole Lopez is living the dream that only a small percentage of salon owners ever realize. From a standing start three years ago, her hair & beauty salon in a down-market, outer suburb of the most isolated capital city in the world (Perth, Western Australia), Nicole’s Destination U has grown rapidly to the point where she now has a salable asset – one that generates serious profit without her being there. 

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: To this day, Nicole’s staff and clients – even her husband – think she’s a marketing genius, that she’s created a ‘marketing machine’ entirely through her own talents. Her husband still doesn’t know that the entire time, she’s been downloading her marketing ideas, templates and strategies from WSM Members Only Million Dollar Resources Library.

In this 8-minute video, Nicole describes exactly how she transformed a run-down, outer-suburban salon into a cash-generating powerhouse – with only FOUR staff.


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