Its fair to say that many people, especially in the beauty industry, will have either heard of, or know, Margaret Walsh.

She’s the kind of salon owner with a very successful business that many of us aspire to and wish our salon could be ‘just like Marg’s.

She’ll probably kill me for saying this, but she’s been around a wee while and has helped many a budding young therapist and hair stylist to fulfill their dreams.

Last week I caught up with Marg and I saw first hand just how she supports her team, above and beyond what most people would see as ‘the call of duty’.

She had her staff gathered at her house for a team meeting and brought in a financial planning expert to help give advice to her team on how to manage their finances better.  I made me think, if I were a therapist or stylist, I’d want Marg to be my boss!

And while Marg is busy concentrating on creating a 5 Star team and industry leaders of the future, as well as a highly successful hair and beauty salon in the Auckland suburb of Titirangi, she takes a lot of comfort in knowing that her salon marketing both online and offline is taken care off for her.

Margaret, who has been with Worldwide Salon Marketing for almost 3 years now, is a forward thinking salon owner who likes to stay a few steps ahead of her competitors.  If something becomes available that Margaret sees as a good opportunity to market her business, she jumps at it!

Through Worldwide Salon Marketing, Margaret has access to some of the best marketing tools available to salons anywhere in the world, from done-for-you ads and templates (so she never has to stare at a blank computer screen wondering what to write), mentoring and support to help her plan her marketing in advance, websites and SEO so she completely dominates in Google searches in her area and an iPhone and Android app to keep those mobile savvy customers connected with her business.

Check out this video to hear what Margaret has to say about her experiences with Worldwide Salon Marketing, and some advice to salon owners looking to be the BEST in their town!


If watching this video has made you think ‘I could do with some support like that’ give us a call (numbers at the top of this page) or  click here to apply to join our My Social Salon program and we can help you become the best salon in your town…guaranteed!  Just like Marg!