Salon Marketing

You know it and they know it. You want them to purchase what you’re offering. So why not say that in your promo?

Hmmmm…when was the last time you wanted to purchase anything? Even if it was an iPad, did you really want to fork over that kind of money? 

Can I get a “Heck, no!” But you wanted the product, right?

Once you made the purchase, it felt good knowing that you made a solid investment. That’s just human nature.

We want it but we don’t want to actually BUY it. It’s a funny little game we all play.

When you’re writing offers for your newsletters, remember that because it’s an important psychological tweak.

It’s a mistake that I see way too often in salon and spa newsletters. Instead, encourage clients to GRAB an offer.

“Grab it now!”

Or, tell them to INVEST because, most certainly, that’s what they are doing!

“Invest in your health/hair today!”

But here’s the real mind binder.

The word “purchase” has very strong negative connotations. So when you use that language, it’s actually a disservice to your clients.

Remember, you’re in business to serve and make a good living at it by providing topnotch services and products.

If your wording doesn’t resonate with your clients so that they want to use your services, how will you be able to serve them?

Always come from a place of service, even if it means tweaking language so that your message can be heard and acted on.

Peace, Love, And Profits,




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