For those salons that have either been through or are currently in one of our Worldwide Salon Marketing programs, you will be very familiar with our ‘Hollywood Woman’ salon template.

salon marketing templateThis salon marketing template, which comes in many designs, has been the backbone of everything that WSM stands for when it comes to direct response marketing.  It really seems to press all the right buttons, not only with salon owners around the world, but also customers of salons.

In fact, I would hazard a guess that the Hollywood Flyer has been hands down the MOST successful marketing piece ever written for the hair/beauty industry, generating millions in revenue for salons.

If there was an ‘Oscars’ for marketing flyers, this would be a multi-award winning one!

salon template hollywood woman flyer

Veronica Leigh and her new Jack Russell Puppies! – stunning success with the Hollywood Woman salon template

So it was great to hear from New Zealand salon owner Veronica Leigh of Simply Exquisite in Riccarton, about her latest campaign, using…you guessed it, ‘The Hollywood Flyer’.

I paid Veronica a visit in person recently to do some in-salon training and she told me that she wanted to get some new clients through her business, so she used the Hollywood flyer as a mailbox drop in her local area.  Here’s what Veronica had to say…

“I am very, very pleased with the results from this mailbox drop.   I dropped 500 a week and by the time I got back after a couple of hours I had messages on the answer phone wanting to book it!   Certainly got me motivated to get off my butt and keep taking action.  In total I have had 30 bookings in just a few weeks!”

So what’s so special about the Hollywood flyer?  Well it has everything that every successful marketing ad should have…

  • An attention grabbing headline that makes people want to read on
  • An offer so irresistible that it can’t be ignored
  • A guarantee that removes the risk for any doubters
  • A call to action and scarcity that makes people want to call now, not in 6 weeks
  • Testimonials to prove that you’re so amazing at what you do

And probably the clincher…the name ‘Hollywood’ itself immediately springs to mind images of glamorous actors and models.  And let’s face it, at the end the day your customers are not buying waxing or haircuts from you.  They are buying hope, sex appeal and glamour!

Add a salon owner who is not afraid to ‘get off their butt’ as Veronica so rightly put it – and you have a formula for success!!!

Well done Veronica, it’s an absolute pleasure to know you and have you in our program…and I adore your little Jack Russells by the way!