getting attentionEver slept through the flight attendant’s safety presentation? If you’re a regular flyer, like me, you’ve heard it all before. You sit down, pick up the newspaper or magazine, and pretty much ignore it. Which is a problem for all airlines, not the least because it’s their first attempt at trying to convey an important message to passengers.

By far the most difficult task for anybody trying to get a message to customers and potential clients is….getting ATTENTION in the first place.

And you simply will not do it with ‘me-too’, bland, same-as-everybody-else kind of marketing. It just won’t ‘cut through’. With that in mind, a sharp-witted flight attendant with South West Airlines in America decided the standard, garden-variety pre-flight safety demonstration (the one almost every frequent flyer ignores) just wouldn’t do.

Take a look at this. (I particularly like the line about what happens if the oxygen masks fall down!)


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