Case Study – Getting Top Spot on Google

Effie Tsopoulos owns hobart’s most prestigious skin & body salon. 

Escape Skin and Body is in the heart of Hobart’s CBD. It’s valuable real estate. Which means it’s surrounded by other businesses, ALL jostling for position in the most valuable online real estate – Google search results. 

Effie needed to make sure her expensively-remodelled salon had the best chance of attracting the highest proportion of eyeballs searching for her services. 

That requires skill, knowledge, experience and time – qualities most owners of small businesses simply don’t have. Effie came to Worldwide Salon Marketing for help. 

Escape Skin and Body now owns the top spots in search results. 

This is how we did it….

STEP 1 – Getting Escape’s Google Business Listing set up correctly 

About 80% of people use their phones to search for products and services. And the first thing Google shows is a map, and just three of the businesses that provide those products and services.

Those top three businesses get fully 91% of all the phone calls, website visits and requests for directions.

So it was important that Escape Skin & Body appeared in that “Big Three” at the top of search results.

Thanks to their Number #1 position at the top of the Big Three, Escape Skin & Body receives more than 200 phone calls each and every month from clients and prospects clicking the ‘click to call’ button on their listing.



STEP 2 – New Salon Website 

Effie’s original website was old, clunky and outdated. And it didn’t reflect the upmarket tone of her expensively refitted premises.

So our web design team set about a detailed, collaborative process of laying out and building an extensive new site. With Effie involved at every step of the process, the build took more than four months.

But the result is outstanding. Here’s what it looks like: 



STEP 3 – On-site and Off-site search engine optimization

Just about any graphic designer or teenager with a laptop can build a basic website these days. But getting it to appear at the top of search results requires entirely different skills. 

That’s where our SEO team comes in. First, every image on the site had to be individually optimized with meta-tags and geo-tags. 

Every page on the site had to be carefully optimized with the right H1 and H2 tags so that Google and other search engines would rank the page according to relevant search terms. 

Then came the process of off-site optimization – building backlinks and citations from elsewhere on the internet. 

All of which is a tedious, manual process that can’t (and shouldn’t) be done properly with robots. 

Result? Escape Skin & Body now occupies the most valuable online real estate in their market; top spot in both the Google Business Listings and organic website results. 


“…The combination of website design, Google Business Listing and all the search engine optimization work that Worldwide Salon Marketing does has given us absolute dominance in the online world in our market in Hobart’s CBD. We get scores of new clients every month, just from people finding us so prominent on Google search results.”

Effie Tsopoulos, Escape Skin & Body, Hobart.