What I Wish I Knew (Part 2)

What I Wish I Knew (Part 2)

Marnie here…
As I discussed in my previous post, isn’t it interesting how our failures become our greatest teachers?

My biggest failures were the most shameful, isolating and downright revolting experiences of my life.

They were also my biggest lessons. I chose to LEARN from them. Every challenge that ever presented I chose to seek a lesson from.

I accidentally bought a little bit of a salon, but A LOT brothel that cost me my home and almost my marriage.
My most shameful, horrific failure experience ever!
Thankfully I was able to fire-sale the ‘salon’ (take whatever I could get to get out).

I’m all for learning, but seriously, failing isn’t fun and the lessons we learn are often difficult ones.

Late one night, in the 2am ‘wake up in the sweats’ moment – that I would not lose anymore, I was going to learn to do whatever I had to.

Something had to change and fast.

Two words would always make my eyes glaze over. They were 2 areas I knew nothing about and felt intimated but knew I had to learn about.

Marketing…and Systems!


Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same lesson and avoid the failure all together? If only I had been driven to learn about marketing and systems without that humiliating failure.
It occurred to me that surely there MUST be a way where I can inexpensively hire someone to do some marketing layouts for me, that I can use and re use whenever I wanted.
There must be someone who can systemise and monetise my salon. 
I searched high and low, found a few business coaches who all talked the same stuff and charge A LOT.
I tried a couple of them, but it was more fluff than effectiveness for me.
I managed to find all my answers in the company Worldwide Salon Marketing (WSM) whose entire business was on marketing / ad templates that I could just tweak to my salon details.
(Sadly I let their Simple Salon Marketing manual sit and collect dust for 9 months before I finally devoured it all in one night and implemented my first ad the next day!)

They had a lot of audio I could listen to and absorb as much information as I could on the mindset and psychology behind successful business, advertising, CUSTOMERS!

And none of it was ‘woe is me’ – it was all about being positive, in the face of your struggles, and TAKING action.

Not waiting for it to change… MAKING IT CHANGE!

I developed marketing strategies/steps taken when I did an ad campaign. What ones worked best, what wording worked best.

I learned how to ‘turn the tap on’, I learned how to put it all together to make money AND make customers happy. Finally our account was looking healthier and so was business.

We were MAKING money! Delightfully, somewhere in here our marriage recovered as well!

It gave me an incredible sense or relief and control of my business that I hadn’t ever felt before.

This amazing box of feelings only increased when I discovered Done-For-You templates for staff training, salon operations, and scripts became a BIG part of our business for everything.

(TIP: This amazing package for hair and beauty owners is available for instant download right here!)

.. and I really learned HOW to hire, HOW to fire.

HOW to train my staff so that they didn’t run the show – I DID!

Having my salon systemised and my marketing sorted, I devoured everything I could get my hands and eyes on!

You have no idea of the sense of FREEDOM all this knowledge and these tools gave me!

Another incredibly powerful marketing system I discovered was the huge power of…Google!

Yes, Google. Like lots of salon owners “of a certain age” I used to advertising heavily in the Yellow Pages. No more of course – because Google IS the new Yellow Pages.

But having a website or a Facebook page, and getting prospective clients to actually find you and notice you are two different things.

So here’s a freebie for you:

Need some help getting NOTICED? 

If your prospective clients and customers aren’t finding you online when they’re searching for beauty or hair services, you’re missing out on business!

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Free Salon Appointment Book Template

Free Salon Appointment Book Template

Hi, Marnie here, as a salon owner myself, I know that running a successful salon requires a lot of things. One of them is organisation, and strict procedures. Not every salon has a booking system on a computer, and if you don’t, look into one now.

Before you download your free salon appointment book template, remember: this template is in 15-minute time slots from 7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.

It’s designed to be an easy, temporary replacement to your booking system on your computer or iPad. One spill of a coffee, and your appointments are lost!

How to Stop No-Shows

One thing, before you download your free salon appointment book template, is to stop your no-shows. Studies have shown that people value and cherish products they spend money on, versus products they get for free. In other words, when you put your credit card towards an appointment, you’re going to show up. So the next time you’re booking in a client, respectfully ask for either a deposit to secure the appointment (which you take over the phone), or ask for their credit card information in-case they don’t show.

Use this script:

“Now, Jolie, for me to secure this appointment on Friday at 11am, I do need a deposit of $50. This secures your time and appointment, and guarantees you’ll be getting the best service we can offer you.” 

If they’re uncomfortable, or against a deposit, you can try one of two things:

  1. Insist you can’t book the appointment, as it’s salon procedure:

“I’m sorry, Jolie, but it is salon policy. I do need this deposit for me to secure your appointment. How would you like to pay for the deposit today?”

2. Ask for their credit card information, but insist you’ll only charge if they don’t arrive

“I’m sorry, Jolie, but it is salon policy. I do need this deposit for me to secure your appointment. What I can do, instead, is take your credit card information on file, and only charge you if you don’t show up for the appointment. How does this sound?”

Get your free copy of the Salon Business Plan Template here.

[VIDEO] Rude clients – how to eliminate salon no-shows

[VIDEO] Rude clients – how to eliminate salon no-shows

Hair & Beauty salons are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year because of no-shows, and the lack of deposit-taking policies for fear of upsetting clients.

That was the headline on a blog post a couple of years ago. And it seems, little has changed. I fixed it in my salon, permanently, by insisting on deposits.

In fact, I was interviewed by Greg about this shortly after implementing the policy:

But in a survey conducted by Worldwide Salon Marketing, the vast majority of 130 salon owners questioned revealed they had no policy of taking deposits to secure appointments, and even it they did have a cancellation policy in place, it lacked ‘teeth’. But it CAN be so simple to both eliminate the fear, AND stop the no-shows, as long-time WSM member Kim Susskind explains in this recording with WSM founder Greg Milner.

If salons want to be taken seriously by their clients and stop hemorrhaging money, they have to take the lead from industries like travel, hospitality and entertainment, which simply refuse to take bookings without payment. Customers accept those policies completely. Try booking a concert ticket and telling them you’ll pay when you get there. It just doesn’t happen.

  • But, 88% of salons do not take deposits.
  • The average annual loss through no-shows is a whopping $10,000 per salon, with one salon reporting a staggering $52,000 – even though fully 80% of salons claimed they sent appointment reminders by text message.
  • Extrapolated across Australia’s approx. 25,000 hair & beauty businesses, the losses represent $250 million annually.
  • Of the 12% of salons who insist on deposits for appointments, the average annual losses dropped to less than $2,000
  • Asked ‘How many times must a client ‘no-show’ before you no longer take bookings from them?’, 31.5% said three times, while another 32% said “I always let them book another appointment because I’m too scared to lose the potential business.”

It appears the industry is beset by fear. According to one respondent,

“We do have a cancellation policy, but rarely enforce payment, as so few other beauty clinics do so. Clients will not come back.”

And this from a salon in Melbourne:

“I would like to put a cancellation thing in place but I don’t have credit card facility nor any way of safely storing peoples numbers.  And yip I am scared of scaring people away.”

But that fear appears largely unfounded. Said another salon owner,

“We started taking credit cards or a cash deposit on February 1st this year, for the first time. It works a charm, no more no shows, the clients now know we’re serious.”

Another long-time WSM Member, Sharon-Lee McGaw, says deposit taking has dramatically changed the way her clients behave:

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“A Cruel and Shallow Money Trench…”

“The ________ business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”
That was the late American ‘gonzo’ journalist Hunter S. Thompson. He was writing about the music business back in the 1970s.
Really, Hunter? You didn’t live long enough to see social media. It makes the music industry look like a paragon of virtue, Mother Theresa compared with the murderous, disease-ridden psychopath that might have been spawned by Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun had they not done the right thing and topped themselves in a Berlin bunker in 1945.

Facebook, Twitter and all the rest have given the world a dark, seething, snarling, mud-splattered cesspit, where scammers, child-molesters, pickpockets, lepers and presidents claw at each other and the innocent alike.

So is it any wonder that TRUST is an issue online?

For any small business trying to make social media advertising work, there lies the problem. And it’s getting worse. If you rely on Facebook as your sole marketing media, this is sobering news.

A Sydney-based organisation called NewsMediaWorks puts out an annual survey called ADTRUST. The most recent survey asked 2,863 Australians aged 18+ which forms of media they trust for the integrity of its advertising.

To measure this, the study subtracts the number of consumers who indicate they do not trust ads in a particular medium from the number who do. For example, if 30% of the market trust TV advertising and 9% don’t the net trust score would be +21.
Here’s where the ru

bber hits the road. Social media advertising scored MINUS 28! Website advertising was little better at -16. The most trusted ads are in newspapers, with a net trust score of +38, followed by cinema ads (+34), billboards (+31), radio (+29) and TV (+21).

The credibility gap is gigantic

. And it’s increasing.

In the past 12 months the net trust for newspaper ads soared by 10 points, similarly for radio and TV. Trust in social media is tanking, down 3 points year on year.

This is depressing news for the millions of small businesses who blindly put their faith in Facebook marketing alone. And Facebook hasn’t done itself any favours either, what with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the reek of Fake News.

It’s all very well for your ad to be seen by thousands of people. It’s another thing altogether for those people to believe what you’re saying.

Here’s what’s telling; Facebook is fully aware of its credibility problem. So what is Mark Zuckerberg doing? He’s running a hugely expensive advertising campaign in traditional media – billboards, TV and cinema – to persuade the world he is no longer tolerating fake news, and is committed to reducing the company’s influence on society.

In the meantime, if you’re going to continue using Facebook to market your wares, do everything you can to get people OFF Facebook and into your store, your website, on the phone, onto your email list, in short anywhere else BUT Facebook/Instagram.

Yes, a salon owner really CAN take holidays…

Like most salon owners, Jasmine Dwyer of Adore salon in Colac, Victoria, was ‘stressed out’. “When I was in the treatment room, I was missing so many phone calls, so much business,” she says.

Fed up, she made a crucial decision that’s changed her life completely. As Jasmine explains in this recent video interview, she’s now able to take long holidays without worrying about the business.

The salon owner who got sick – and made MORE money! An ‘AHA’ moment…

Almost every salon owner’s worst nightmare; getting so sick that you’re forced ‘off the tools’ for an extended period. For most, it would be a financial disaster.
But for Anita Clements of Twisted Desire salon in Brisbane, a sudden and debilitating illness that left her bedridden for weeks has been a…


As Anita relates in this 5-minute interview,  her salon – with only three staff – made $3,000 MORE money in a week. And sales are continuing to go UP, not down, as she was forced to concentrate on the business, not cutting hair. Here’s how it happened:

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