Want More Clients? Try my UGLY, Unpaid Sales Assistant…

Want More Clients? Try my UGLY, Unpaid Sales Assistant…


Marnie here,
There was a time when I would go to work and stress out about not having enough clients. Now?
I have too many!
So many in fact, I can’t fit them all in, and I’m constantly having to farm them out to my colleagues and students.
In this post, I want to show you one of the “Key Client Attractors” that brings me a constant stream of new clients…
In my business, I specialize in lash extensions. It’s a narrow, deep and rich niche market (remember me talking in earlier blogs about the value of niche markets?).
I get a big proportion of my new clients from referrals, just like most salons & spas. That’s the way the beauty industry works, so I’m sure you get a lot of referrals too.
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can have.
But it’s not ALL you need. In fact, there’s one form of marketing that’s my silent, unpaid sales person. 
And of all the client inquiries and bookings I get each and every week, fully 20% of them come from this unpaid sales person!
She works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, never gets sick, never takes vacations, never complains, has hair or doctor’s appointments, never gets emotional, and she doesn’t even have to come to my office.
Okay, she’s not great at conversation, doesn’t have much of a personality, to be honest. But hey, I don’t care, she sends me more clients than I can handle, and that’s fine by me:-)
But she’s brilliant at fighting off almost all of my competitors, and
She looks like this:


She’s my “Google My Business” website.
I work in a city of more than 2 million people. There are countless beauty businesses competing for lash extension clients all over the city.
If you Google “lash extensions Perth” you’ll find at least three pages of listings. But my business…even though I’m miles out of the city…is in the coveted “Big Three” position right at the top of the search results.
Why does that matter?
Well, my techie team tell me that those top three listings get 91% of all the phone calls and website visits generated by that search.
Which means that all my competitors – dozens and dozens of them – are sharing the remaining 9% of business between themselves. That’s pretty slim pickings!
Just last month alone, more than 180 people finding my Unattractive But Efficient Sales Assistant clicked through to my website.
Add those inquiries and calls to all my referral business and client re-bookings, is there any wonder I’m so flat out I have to offload a heap of business to other lash specialists?

How to Check Your Ugly Sales Assistant

Want to know how to find out where your ugly sales assistant is hiding?
Here’s what to do:
1) Open an “Incognito” window in Google Chrome (shift+control+N in Windows, Comand+Control+N on a Mac)
2) Search for a product or service that you sell, eg “hair stylist + your town”
3) If you’re in the Top Three, great.
4) If you’re not, your Ugly Sales Assistant probably needs a good talking to:-)

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How to Check if Your Salon Website is Really Working for You


For most businesses, the “most wanted response” is a phone call to book an appointment, for example. But what about people who visit your website and DON’T make a phone call? Is there anything on your site that gives them an incentive to hand over their contact details, so you can phone them or email them with an offer? On most websites, sadly there isn’t.

On all the websites we build at Worldwide Salon Marketing, we install a clever, simple, and powerfully effective tool to generate new leads for the salon. In most cases, this is a New Client Gift Voucher, like the one on this new website we’ve just built for a salon client.


See what I mean?

Here’s another one, a website we built for a day spa in Dromana, Victoria. Note the simple New Client Voucher form on the right hand side of the site.

This simple tool has generated more than EIGHT HUNDRED new prospective clients in 12 months, and the salon has turned many of these into regular clients.


NEED HELP WITH THIS? Talk to one of our salon website design specialists, +61-8-94439327.


Google is the new Yellow Pages. So a website is absolutely essential as part of your overall salon marketing.

Any kid with a laptop can build a basic website these days. Or you can build one yourself using online services such as Wix. (But beware! You don’t ‘own’ your Wix website. Wix owns it. You only own your Wix account.) 

That’s the easy part.

You can have the prettiest website on the planet – but if it can’t be found by people searching for hair or beauty services in your local area, then it’s about useless as a fashion boutique in the middle of the desert.

There’s art and science to designing, constructing and optimizing websites so they appear on the first page of search results. Want to find out how your website rates?

Try this:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Mouse over the little head and shoulders icon in the top right corner.


  1. Click ‘Guest’ (So Google doesn’t know it’s you doing the search, otherwise it’ll throw up results it thinks you want to see.)
  2. Now, do a Google search like this: “hair salon (your town or suburb)”

(And don’t make the mistake of simply searching for the name of your business. You want to see what people find when they don’t know the name of your business!)

If your business comes up on Page one for that or similar searches, you’re doing okay.

BUT – if you can’t see it anywhere, it needs work.


The salon that gets more than 100 New Client calls every month

In the Melbourne suburb of Berwick, Allura Hairdressing gets at least 100 calls a month from people who find the business by searching for a hair salon in Berwick.

Here’s what Google throws up when you search ‘hair salon berwick’:


Allura ranks 1st in the Google Business Listings, and first in the organic listings.

How do we know they get that many calls? Because we built their website, and manage their Google Business Listing – so we have access to the ‘back end’ and we can check figures.

Here’s the call log – just from people touching ‘click to call’ on their phones on the Google Business Listing – for the last 30 days:

Worldwide Salon Marketing specializes in designing, constructing and ‘search engine optimizing’ websites for the salon & spa industry. Over the years, we’ve built hundreds of them.

Click on the images below and check a couple of them out.



Need help with your website?

Call Worldwide Salon Marketing on +61-8-94439327


[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to Upload a Video from your Phone or Tablet – and get it on your website!

I’ve been nagging salons & spas for years to use VIDEO to help promote their businesses. Everyone these days watches videos on their smart phones. And their tablets. It’s THE quickest and easiest way to get your message across, with personality, visual appeal, and sheer impact. Nothing beats demonstration as a sales tool. But I’d be an obscenely rich man if I had a dollar for every reason I’ve been given as to why they don’t.

“I don’t know how…”

“It’s too hard…”

“I’m camera shy…”

“I would, but I’m washing my hair…”

So in these two brief videos, I’m gonna show you exactly how easy it is to shoot a video on your phone, upload it to YouTube, and get that video on your website.

VIDEO #1: Getting a video off your phone and on to YouTube.

VIDEO #2: How to take that video and embed it into a page in your WordPress website.


Case Study – co-ordinating an offline and online promotion [with Video]

timelyLast year Microsoft shelled out $26 billion – yes, that’s twenty six billion dollars – to take over LinkedIn. Just think about that for a minute – $26 billion is greater the entire Gross Domestic Product of more than half the countries in the whole world.

And why would Microsoft do that? LinkedIn’s total revenue in 2015 was a paltry $670-odd million. So Microsoft is hardly interested in LinkedIn for its profits.

Nope. Microsoft is prepared to make the biggest purchase in its 40 year history to get hold of LinkedIn’s 350 million members. And most of that 350 million are high-value professionals of some kind.

Microsoft recognises that the real money is in the list of customers.

So how does this relate to your small salon or spa in Downtown Anywhere? For exactly the same reason – the real money is in your list of customers, clients and prospects.

nicole1-1024x768Last week, veteran WSM member Nicole Panayiotou, owner of a successful salon in the Victorian country town of Sale decided she wanted to boost sales for June, and at the same time clean up her large database of several thousand clients and former clients.

Here’s what she did:

1) At my suggestion, she shot a short video on her mobile phone, sent it to one of my team at Worldwide Salon Marketing, and we loaded it up onto her salon’s website. You can see that video here.

2) Next, she made a list of 150 clients she hadn’t see in a few months, and wrote them a cute letter – a variation of our famous Rupert the Dog letter – except in this case the letter was ‘written’ by her baby daughter Billie. (WSM members can download a copy of that letter from the Salon Marketing Resources Library here.)

Blush letter3) At the same time, she used her database – her list – to find another 400 such ‘missing in action’ clients with mobile phone numbers, and sent them a text message that read as follows:

“Want a FREE $50 voucher? Click the link to redeem it! We miss you at Blush x. http://www.beauty-salon-sale.com/we-miss-you – Reply stop to opt out.”

The link in the SMS took recipients to the new video on her website here, and under the video, a simple form to fill in and get the gift voucher.


“I sent 150 letters, got 3 clients back off the first letter. Sent 400 texts, got 11 opt outs and 7 clients back in! Still got more to send so extending it (the offer) thru till end July. Great chance to clean up data base so I’m happy.”

Now, before you dismiss that as a poor result, think about it; with a simple, easily-implemented promotion using just a tiny section of her existing list of clients, she resurrected ten ‘missing in action’ clients, with the chance to turn them once again into regular buyers. At say, $1,000 a year per client, it’s a cheap way to regenerate $10,000 a year revenue.

That’s the value, and the money, in a well maintained list. And that’s why Microsoft is spending $26 billion to get hold of one.

Want results this like this? Sign up for the Lite program now, just $59, no ongoing costs. 

affordable-salon-marketing2 (1)

You’re Losing 90% Of New Business – Here’s Why

There’s a high chance you’re losing more business than you’re gaining – and it’s going right to the pocket of your competitors. Why? Read on…

We all know Google. We search everything on it. Heck, our entire lives are surrounded by Google. “Google it,” we always say. And that’s just it: people are Googling you. They’re searching for your business. Which means you’re either being found, or you’re not. 

Being a local business, it’s easier to be found – and ranked – than if you’re an online blog servicing the entire globe. With Google My Business Listing, it’s easy to find businesses around you – for exactly what you want.

As an example, open a new Google search, and type in a business near you… for example, “vet Mt Hawthorn.” Potential customers always Google whatever type of business their looking for – dentist, hair salon, vet, optometrist, etc – along with their suburb/town.

You’ll notice the first thing that appears in the search results is a box, a map, and three businesses. That’s the Business Listings.

The first three are simple – St Francis, Vogue Vets, and My Best Friend. I can guarantee these three vets are receiving more phone calls, and more doggy patients than any of the other businesses.

If you tap “More places,” this appears:

Notice how there are more businesses listed? North Perth Vet, and Perth Cat Hospital are here – but they won’t be receiving anywhere near the amount of phone calls, website visits, or walk-ins than the top three results combined. 


Simple. People always trust the top-3 businesses to appear in the Google search. 

Which means if you’re not in the top-3 listings, you’re losing business.

if you’re not in the top-3 listings, you’re losing business

How To Appear In The First 3 Spots on Google

First, you have to decipher whether you have a business listing already, or not.

If you bought the business you own – chances are, the previous owner has one. Google yourself, and see if a listing appears.

If you started the business yourself, and you know for a fact you don’t have a listing – you can easily claim your business.

When you have your own business listing, this means you’ve “claimed” your business on Google. When you claim your listing – Google sends you a physical letter, with a code, to prove you own the business.

Step 1: Claim Your Business

Start by going to Google My Businessand click “Get On Google,” or “Start Now.”

You’ll then be prompted to sign into your Google account, or, if you’re already logged in, you’ll receive this page:

Step 2: Verify Your Listing

Once you’ve filled in all the information about your business – your location, the services you offer, your opening times, payment methods, etc – Google will send you a physical letter in the mail with a special code.

This can take 3 – 4 weeks, sometimes less.

When you’ve received the letter, make sure you follow the steps listed in the letter (it always varies, but it’s easy to follow).

Pro tip: Make your Business Listing as transparent as possible. The more information you have, the better you’ll rank in Google. Include your opening times, payment methods, and photos.

Let’s dive into what happens when you’re in the top-3 listings on Google:

How To Track Calls When You Have Your Listing

When your listing is set up, Google gives you access to manage your business listing. This includes “insights” into how many people are searching for you, how many calls you’ve had from your listing, visits to your websites, and directions requested.

Here’s how you find it:

Step 1: Login To Your Business Listing Account

Head back to Google My Business, and you’ll find your business listing.

Here, you can edit your details, if you ever need to change anything.

Step 2: Go to “Insights”

When you’re logged into your Business account, click on “Insights,” found below your business name, in the bright blue bar across the top of your screen.

You’ll see insights like this:

If you hover over the blue discovery bar, you’ll get an accurate amount of searches by people looking for businesses like yours.

If you hover over the green direct bar, you’ll see the amount of people searching directly for your business, usually by typing in your business name.

The above will show you where people are viewing your business on Google – either by Google search, or on Google Maps.

This section here – the Customer actions section – shows you how many calls you’re receiving, how many visits to your website, and how many people are requesting directions to your business.

This is where you find out how many people are coming to you because of Google. 

The business I’m showing you here – a hair salon in Berwick, Victoria – had 139 calls from their business listing in the last 4 weeks.

139 calls = new clients.

That means money.

To show you the value of being in the top-3 spots on Google Business Listing, this is the business of the insights you just read:

Allura Hairdressing is on spot 3. If they’re third – and receiving 139 calls in the last 4 weeks with no paid advertising, they’re rolling in new clientele.

What’s next?

Now that you know the value and importance of having your Google Business Listing in the top-3 results, you must get your listing taken care of.

Start by claiming your business listing, or if you already have one, make sure you’ve got plenty of photos, plenty of real customer reviews (Google know if they’re your friends or family… remember, they have access to the people you email!) – your listing will slowly grow higher and higher among the search results.

Finding new business is all about being found.