How to collect deposits and stop salon no-shows forever!

One of the greatest frustrations for many salon & spa owners is NO-SHOWS! They’re expensive, time-wasting and profit-sapping. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, recorded with successful Brisbane salon entrepreneur Anita Clements of Twisted Desire, watch and listen carefully as Anita explains how she eliminated no-shows forever – and discovered many other ways to take money from clients UP-FRONT.


“I feel I’ve moved from Hairdresser to Business Women”

“You have my back”

What changes have happened?

” The biggest change is now my VIP events are profitable now – they were not before”

“My Staff are now interested in marketing where as before they were not – we’re making money now”

Taking deposits “I was very nerves to begin with but now with any VIP night we take money up front”

How did you implement taking deposits?  ” We started doing this in January, we took a big hit because of not taking deposits.  I felt very nerves about taking money off existing cleints.  So we started small and any new cleint that is having any chemical treatment has to pay a deposit.  We have a script and we have no problems with people paying them. ”

What did that do to your no shows.

“We have almost no no-shows now.  We have got rid off all the time wasters who would book and not turn up”

“Our salon is now full of good customers”

What happens when people say they do not want to pay a deposit”

“Well it just means that we don’t get bad clients”

“If they don’t want to pay a deposit they can always just pop in and if we are not busy we will see them without a deposit”

“They tend to spend more money when they pay a deposit because the bill on the day is less”

“its made us a little more exclusive than the salon down the road”

“Its almost been a year and we’ve not had one person not show up or not call us”

“We take deposits for VIP events – if you pre pay you get a great package on the night (no discounts just added value) and mostly we are getting money from our existing cleints”

“The last VIP night we made $3,000 just from 2 packages and they could not wait to book in”

“We are doing the local Christmas market and take a stall and we are selling vouchers there at the festival”

“We’re also do the Christmas tree thing off the membership site – we don’t change a thing just run it straight off the system”

“We also did an Events and pre-sold Mini Membershps and made $9,000 – then I got scarred and pulled the pin but I should have done more”

“We don’t need bank loans anymore we just pre sell a mini membership – it just becomes a game, its no longer any struggle!”

How to collect deposits and stop salon no-shows forever!

Setting the World Brazilian Record – with a ton of free publicity!

Ebony brazilianUPDATE: Membership of Worldwide Salon Marketing comes with many benefits – including but not limited to the kind of support and expertise that can give your salon or spa massive free publicity. Using WSM’s technical expertise and marketing know-how, Noosa (Queensland) salon owner Kim Susskind of Ebony Beauty is the talk of her town after staging a ‘stunt’ to create a ‘World Brazilian Record’ for the most number of Brazilian waxes performed in a single day.

Driven by free publicity in the local newspaper and radio station – generated by a carefully-crafted Press Release she downloaded from the Members Only Million Dollar Resources Library – Kim and her team of two performed no fewer than 55 Brazilians on Monday, December 8th….Here’s how Kim describes the amazing response….



Ebony Beauty storyThe media is a Hungry Beast. Newspapers, radio stations, TV networks, magazines, not to mention a zillion online outlets, are voracious consumers of content. They soak it up almost faster than it can be created…which is why it’s not all that difficult to take advantage of it and get priceless free publicity for your salon. Few, however, even bother to try.

All this free publicity came about because we helped Kim ‘invent’ an idea for an event. In this case, a

World Record Brazilian Attempt.

There’s nothing NEW in this idea. In fact, it was originally dreamed up by another Worldwide Salon Marketing member, Tracey Orr of Absolute Beauty in Launceston, Tasmania, who set a record of 38 Brazilians in a single day a couple of years ago. But records are there to be broken.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m no expert in the art of Brazilian waxing, sugaring or any other form of removing unwanted hair from one’s nether regions. That’s not the point. Any number of silly, fanciful ‘world records’ are set or broken every week, and the sillier they are, the more the media loves them. Kim got to work immediately, and drafted a Press Release and emailed it to me within hours. After some careful editing and re-writing, I sent it back to her, and she took rapid ACTION, sending it out to local newsrooms.

NOTE: Worldwide Salon Marketing members can log in here and download that exact Press Release used by Kim to get all that free publicity.)

The very next morning a photographer from the local paper was in Kim’s salon, and the result appears here. (It is worth noting that this ‘story about nothing important’ trumped dozens of other more worthy stories buried on inside pages in the same paper.)

But that’s only the beginning.

With more than 3,000 fans on her Facebook fan page, Kim posted the newspaper clipping there, as well as a short video recorded on her iPhone. That video and newspaper clipping was also posted on her website, and she emailed and SMSd her clients with a link to the video to generate more responses.

As you’ll see, marketing is often a complex and drawn out process that requires many different threads to be drawn together.

Salon Marketing ToolkitWANT THIS KIND OF ACTION IN YOUR SALON? Worldwide Salon Marketing is taking advance applications for Membership of the flagship My Social Salon marketing & Mentoring program for 2015. Click here to apply for a 30-day Money Back Guaranteed Test Drive. (Note: application does not automatically imply acceptance.)


First Night of Unique Salon VIP Night ‘You Beauty Salon Tour’ A HUGE Success at Gloss Beauty in Matamata!

You Beauty Tour

The ‘You Beauty Salon Tour’ is underway and the first date at Gloss Beauty Boutique in Matamata was a HUGE success!

The VIP night saw customers of Gloss Beauty be entertained with live music (from me), makeup demos from Rachael D’Aguiar and they had the opportunity to purchase one-night only special offers.

Click here to check out a video of the night

Gloss Beauty took in over $3500 sales for the night, and we raised around $500 for Look Good Feel Better women’s cancer charity.  A great result all round!

And to add to that the event got some great FREE media coverage for Gloss Beauty in the regional paper the Waikato Times and also a more local paper called the Matamata Chronicle….Priceless!

Click this link to the Waikato Times article

And if that wasn’t enough, at least half a dozen customers of Gloss Beauty gave a glowing video testimonial, all raving about how amazing the salon is!!!  Check out some of them below…

Gloss Beauty Testimonial 1

Gloss Beauty Testimonial 2

Gloss Beauty Testimonial 3 

The You Beauty Salon Tour is about to get rolling again with dates this week in Auckland and Tauranga so be sure to check back later in the week for an update.

Or follow the Tour on Facebook or Twitter (links below)

And if you want to be involved and help raise some money for Look Good Feel Better then simply download my debut EP from iTunes with all proceeds going to Look Good Feel Better throughout May.

EP Cover Artwork

Auckland and Tauranga here we come!



Salon Marketing: How to sell $3,000 worth of Gift Vouchers in Two Hours [VIDEO]

Ashleigh Mills of Ashleigh Renea Hair & Beauty in Katanning, WA; massive action brought $6,000 in sales in a single afternoon

Ashleigh Mills of Ashleigh Renea Hair & Beauty in Katanning, WA;  $3,000 in gift voucher sales in two hours

Most business owners simply leave everything too LATE to capitalize on marketing opportunities in the hair & beauty business. And you don’t have to be a genius to identify many of these opportunities, they’re scheduled in the calendar years in advance. For example, Mothers Day. (In most of the world, the second Sunday in May)

But great rewards come to those who plan well in advance. For example, long-time WSM member Ashleigh Mills of Ashleigh Renea Hair & Beauty in regional Western Australia.

With Mothers Day approaching, Ashleigh decided she needed military-style planning and precision to make the most of this major ‘salon marketing trigger’ event in any salon’s annual calendar.
From the WSM Members Only ‘sealed section’ resources website, Ashleigh downloaded a series of templates for email marketing, planned her campaign several weeks out, and drew up a schedule of out-bound marketing pieces to her database of clients.

On the appointed date, she pulled the trigger. On Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, Ashleigh arrived at work early. Just as well. Before she’d even opened for business, the phone started ringing, and didn’t stop for two hours.

And that’s in a little country town of just a few thousand people. Here’s how Ashleigh describes that morning, and the lead-up to it.


newtoolkitAshleigh and hundreds of other smart salon owners around the world have 24/7 access to the huge library of resources in the Members Only ‘sealed section’ website, plus the world’s best online marketing tools, templates and systems in the ‘done-for-you’ My Social Salon marketing program, ONLY for salons & spas.

Check it out here – and see how you could qualify for a $4,995 FREE BONUS: the original, and still the best, Essential Salon owner’s Marketing Toolkit.

LIVE now on the Members Only website

All NEW Mothers Day advertising, posters, fliers – instant downloads for Members

We’re adding dozens of new salon advertising and marketing templates to the Members only ‘sealed section’ website site every month – in March, a completely new series of templates for one of the BIGGEST salon marketing events of the year.

Mothers Day is a big day for salons & spa marketing all over the world. It’s when thousands of salons make (or should make!) a large part of their annual revenue.

But so many face the thought of marketing with a shudder – all that work!

Not for Worldwide Salon Marketing members. As always, we provide our members with fresh direct response marketing templates – for all the major Marketing Trigger Events – throughout the year.

You’ll find them in various sizes and formats, both US and A4, postcards, posters etc.

Never stare at a blank computer screen again!

(STOP PRESS: new Mother’s Day Marketing & Advertising Templates here)

The new templates join literally hundreds of done-for-you advertising only for salons & spas, in the world’s biggest specialist library for salon & spa marketing.

All you do is simply download them from the website, edit them to suit your own salon’s offers and specialties, enter your own business name and address, and bingo – instant advertising! Never again stare at a blank computer screen, not knowing what to write or how to lay it out.

These templates are being continually produced by our copywriting and graphics team, adding to our vast library every month.

The Members website is a storehouse containing literally years of proven, done-for-you direct response marketing templates. They’ve been downloaded, tested and proven to grab salon clients fast, all over the world.

Online marketing, email, SMS, newspaper ads, radio ads, salon posters, client letters – you’ll find them all on the Members Only website.

Not yet a member?

Still sitting in front of a computer screen, tearing your hair out, not knowing what to put in your ads?

Go here to find out how you can get 24/7 access to the world’s largest Marketing Resources Library just for salons & spas

[VIDEO] In a little country town, can a beauty salon really sell $6,000 worth of services in just 3 hours? Yep…

Ashleigh Mills of Ashleigh Renea Hair & Beauty in Katanning, WA; massive action brought $6,000 in sales in a single afternoon

With a multicultural population of just 3,000 in the deep south-west of Western Australia, the little town of Katanning is hardly the centre of the hair & beauty universe.But for salon owner Ashleigh Mills, its a gold mine. Ashleigh has been a Worldwide Salon Marketing member since February 2010, actively and enthusiastically embracing – and implementing – everything we teach salons about direct response marketing, about salesmanship, about product packaging, down to the tiniest detail.

And she’s reaping the rewards.

In December 2012, her sales surpassed the previous December by a substantial $13,700. (In itself, more than many a country salon brings in in an entire month.)

Here’s how Ashleigh tells the story of her brilliant ‘massive action’ pre-Christmas campaign.


Katanning, WA. Wheat, sheep and cattle country. Hardly hair & beauty heaven. But Ashleigh Mills has turned her salon into a solid business with the right attitude, and marketing tools that work.


There is a lesson here: with the right attitude, combined with the right tools (eg the marketing resources available to WSM member salons via the Million Dollar Members Website) you can defy the surrounding economy. In fact, ‘create your own economy’.