[VIDEO] Use Your ‘Super Powers’ – with Julie Piantadosi

superpowersYou’ve no doubt read many articles telling you what to do to become successful in your personal and business life. This is all very well and good, but I’m sure you have also figured out by now that there is no magic trick to win this race.

There is no quick fix or shortcut to the fame and glamour most of us dream of. So where does that leave us?

As part of my role at Timely salon software, I frequent many expos and networking events. Just recently I attended Beauty Expo Australia, and the highlight this year was talking with Julie Piantadosi. She is a no-nonsense type of gal, with a highly contagious and positive spirit. Her wealth of business experience makes her a powerful and effective speaker. As I chatted with her and listened to all the amazing things she does, I couldn’t help but wonder “How does Julie do it!?”

Check out Julie’s website here!

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WSM Member Wins Major Business Award

hair salon awardCongratulations to Rachael Martin of Guys and Dolls in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Rach joined Worldwide Salon Marketing way back in 2007 – and used the tools, templates and resources in the Members Only Million Dollar Resources Library to turn her business into a powerful cash-generating machine.

So much so, she’s just won Young Business Achiever of the Year in the South West Small Business Awards.


[VIDEO] How to Grow Your Salon Business and Get ‘Off the Tools’

Amber ClaytonPearl of Beauty salon owner Amber Clayton was working on clients full time and struggling to grow her business when she joined Worldwide Salon Marketing in February 2014.

Now, little more than a year later, she has four full-time staff and is completely ‘off the tools’, spending her time training and mentoring staff, and most importantly, marketing the business to keep them busy.

In this video, Amber explains how she did it…

Want your salon to be as successful as Amber’s?

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Why the salon next door isn’t your real competition

The harder you try to sell your prospect on how good your salon is, the faster she backs away, emotionally if not physically

The harder you try to sell your prospect on how good your salon is, the faster she backs away, emotionally if not physically

A phone conversation with a salon owner this week started like this:

“I’ve got a new salon opening up just three doors down, three others nearby are cutting prices, I don’t know what to do!!”

This salon owner was beginning to panic, but she was missing the point, so I told her, ‘settle down, and think for a moment’.

Most hair salons, beauty salons and day spas are terrified of their competition, ever watchful for price undercutting, more worried about what their perceived competition is doing than they are about their own backyard.

And that’s primarily because of a misconception about who your competition really is.

Your biggest competitor isn’t the salon down the road, it’s not the worry of staff leaving and taking clients with them. No, your biggest competitor  is…

Your own prospect.

Imagine this for a moment. Your prospective client, whether she’s just walked into your salon, or she’s picked up the phone to call you after seeing one of your ads, has only four basic choices.

1) She can choose to buy from you
2) She can choose to do it herself
3) She can choose to do nothing, or
4) She can choose to do business with somebody else.

Only ONE of those four choices involve a rival salon. The other three involve only YOU.

As Harry Beckwith writes in his best-seller about marketing in the service industry, ‘Selling the Invisible’, Peggy, your typical prospect, is fearful – fearful of making the wrong decision. Peggy is not looking to make the ‘superior’ choice, she is looking to avoid making the bad choice.  It is less risky for her to do nothing.

Almost every prospect for every service would rather minimize the risk of a bad experience than shoot for the best experience.
It’s called ‘looking for good enough’. Forget looking like the superior choice, make your salon an excellent choice. Then, eliminate anything that might make you a bad choice.

And that means eliminating the risk of Peggy doing business with you, eg with a free trial, or a money-back guarantee. And make sure you deliver a good service, rather than spend needless energy attempting to convince Peggy that yours is the best service.

Peggy isn’t looking for the best. What she wants is a comfortably good result, without any risk.

Which is why we have hundreds of already-proven ads and flyers that contain these ‘risk-reversing’ devices.

These devices haven’t been written into these marketing pieces just to fill out a bit of space. They’re there for a very good reason.

Because your competition is not the rival salon nearby, your strongest competition is your prospective customer. And you need every means you can muster to get that prospect to make the ONE choice you want them to make.

How to collect deposits and stop salon no-shows forever!

One of the greatest frustrations for many salon & spa owners is NO-SHOWS! They’re expensive, time-wasting and profit-sapping. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, recorded with successful Brisbane salon entrepreneur Anita Clements of Twisted Desire, watch and listen carefully as Anita explains how she eliminated no-shows forever – and discovered many other ways to take money from clients UP-FRONT.


“I feel I’ve moved from Hairdresser to Business Women”

“You have my back”

What changes have happened?

” The biggest change is now my VIP events are profitable now – they were not before”

“My Staff are now interested in marketing where as before they were not – we’re making money now”

Taking deposits “I was very nerves to begin with but now with any VIP night we take money up front”

How did you implement taking deposits?  ” We started doing this in January, we took a big hit because of not taking deposits.  I felt very nerves about taking money off existing cleints.  So we started small and any new cleint that is having any chemical treatment has to pay a deposit.  We have a script and we have no problems with people paying them. ”

What did that do to your no shows.

“We have almost no no-shows now.  We have got rid off all the time wasters who would book and not turn up”

“Our salon is now full of good customers”

What happens when people say they do not want to pay a deposit”

“Well it just means that we don’t get bad clients”

“If they don’t want to pay a deposit they can always just pop in and if we are not busy we will see them without a deposit”

“They tend to spend more money when they pay a deposit because the bill on the day is less”

“its made us a little more exclusive than the salon down the road”

“Its almost been a year and we’ve not had one person not show up or not call us”

“We take deposits for VIP events – if you pre pay you get a great package on the night (no discounts just added value) and mostly we are getting money from our existing cleints”

“The last VIP night we made $3,000 just from 2 packages and they could not wait to book in”

“We are doing the local Christmas market and take a stall and we are selling vouchers there at the festival”

“We’re also do the Christmas tree thing off the membership site – we don’t change a thing just run it straight off the system”

“We also did an Events and pre-sold Mini Membershps and made $9,000 – then I got scarred and pulled the pin but I should have done more”

“We don’t need bank loans anymore we just pre sell a mini membership – it just becomes a game, its no longer any struggle!”

How to collect deposits and stop salon no-shows forever!

How to put your salon prices up NOW! [VIDEO]

How to put your salon prices up NOW!Many salon owners quake at the knees when I suggest they put their prices up. (It’s one of only THREE ways to increase your sales.) Remarkably, so fearful are so many about losing clients they even announce their impending price rises in advance.

Narelle McKenzie is one salon owner who’ll never again fear raising her prices – nor will she ever again give prior notice of price rises. Narelle is one of our Marketing & Mentoring program members. Two weeks ago during a coaching session, we worked on her pricing structure in detail. Watch this video and see how that 30 minutes on a skype call suddenly added more than $100,000 a year to her salon’s turnover…

How to put your salon prices up NOW! [VIDEO]

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So you have raised your revenue by $2,000 a week by just putting your prices up.

Yes – Thank you very much.

The second week we were closed for a public holiday and we turned over the same as a normal week having lost a day.

So before you put your prices up what where your fears?

We had always notified people that we were putting the prices up 6 weeks before hand.

This time we did not, and I did it instantly I literally put the phone down form you and put the prices up on the computer.

So you didn’t tell anybody, didn’t send any emails you just put them up.

Yes as you said McDonalds don’t tell you when they put prices up the petrol station don’t tell you when petrol changes they just do it.

So how do you feel about putting your prices up now.

Fine no problems.

So what has getting the extra money in meant for you.

Well we’ve been able to work out where are budgets are going. By putting prices up before Christmas we have all that locked and loaded.

So you have only put the prices up on color for you and one other seninor?

Yes that’s right.

So you and your senior you have added about $100,000 in revenue to the business.

Yes and I have still got 3 juniors who are on the old prices, they used to be 50% and 25% off. Now they are on full prices.

So can you understand where most salon owners are coming from when we say “put your prices up”?

Yes I can “I had a melt down” I though I can’t do that. And now I’m like what the hell why did I not do that earlier.

That would be nice in your pay packet.

Yes and instant $100,000:)

Please put your comments and thoughts below…