For Salon & Spa Owners Who Feel OVERWHELMED at the task of marketing your business...

Now you no longer have to stress about where you’ll find new clients… because you’re about to learn how to make clients come RIGHT TO YOU!

Announcing...the Spa & Salon Owner's Client Attraction System

Purposely designed for busy Salon & Spa owners who want push-button fast results at the click of a mouse.


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This Is The Most Affordable, Guaranteed Way For Salon & Spa Owners To Boost Profits & Get More New & Repeat Clients.

  • Without Breaking Your Budget
  • Without Intensive Study
  • Without Time Away From Your Business
  • Without Price Discounting Either

Best Part!
Get 50% off your first month!

  • Get instant access to the world’s biggest online library of ‘done-for-you’ Salon Marketing & Advertising material… instant proven promotions for you to plunder… and… to profit from… for 50% off the first month! Then, unless you cancel, ongoing investment for regular updates and new marketing material is just $AUD119 per month + GST ($US99) – and NO CONTRACTS!
  • salon-owners-audio-kitPLUS… we’ll post you our new Essential Salon Owner's Audio Kit valued at $187.00, crammed full of inspiring interviews with salon & spa owners who have 'cracked the success code' and reveal the secrets of how they turned their businesses around.
Michelle Reyment

It has been fantastic in the way that it has changed the mindset on how to run the business, and since I have stepped back, it is actually earning more money, without the extra day care costs, and overall business wise. I am home more which is great for the family life and the kids.

Michelle Reyment Serenity Hair & Beauty, Frankston South, Victoria

Dear Salon or Spa Owner,

Running your own Salon or Spa and being your own boss can be a lonely job that’s for sure.

You staff don’t understand, your customers just want the best service at the best price, and even your friends and family really haven’t got a clue what you have to deal with every single day.

There is always something to deal with isn’t there?

And what’s worse, if you’re like most salon and spa owners, you’re the person who has to deal with it!

What other salon & spa owners are saying… real people, real salons, real results!

The GOOD NEWS is you are not alone. Not only that, there are solutions for any and all of your business woes.

But more importantly…

  • There’s a new place where Salon & Spa Owners gather to share their best ideas… (Not just sales, but all parts of your business like how to handle no-shows, how to hire the best staff that will be loyal and stay, how to add on another income stream to your salon and so much more.)
  • A place where proven ads, letters, social media content, website copy, flyers and more are at your fingertips to plunder and profit from… (See the Penny Sale promotion that Molly Verbrugge of Indulgences in Little Rock, Arkansas used to bring in $81,235.00 in two weeks… plus hundreds of others!)
  • A place where extraordinary business results are common, obstacles are overcome, and money is made quicker, easier and in bigger chunks than you ever imagined. (Like Brenda Patel of Nirvana Spa in Brisbane who sold $23,700.00 worth of gift vouchers in two weeks.)

And I’ll tell you all about this special place in a minute, and how you can become part of this exciting new community and reap the many benefits on offer. But more than that, when you sign up today, you'll get 50% OFF THE FIRST MONTH, so you can see this special place for yourself.

But first, before I get ahead of myself… please understand…

If you’re worried about falling profits, upset with no-shows that leave you stranded, had enough of working too hard for too little money, sick and tired of scrapping by… and you want to turn all of this around and start making some real money for a change…

Then this could be the most life-changing moment you have ever had!

If that sounds over-dramatic, I’m sorry, but keep reading and you’ll soon realise why I’m deadly serious.

greg-and-jakeMy name is Greg Milner, CEO and founder of Worldwide Salon Marketing. (That's me with my grandson Jake, during my recent visit to Austria, where he lives with my son Michael and daughter-in-law Gemma.) Since 2004 my team and I have been helping salon and spa owners just like you live better and much more rewarding business lives.

simple-salon-marketingI'm the author of the industry-standard direct response marketing manual Simple Salon Marketing, the book Rich Salon Owner, as well as many essays and articles on marketing for the hair & beauty business, in trade magazines like Professional Beauty, Hair Biz and Beauty Biz.

As you can see from the graphic above, we help Salon and Spa Owners from throughout the world. In fact, we’ve helped over 4,000 salon and spa owners.
For many years we’ve provided salons and spas with the “Gold Standard” of marketing and sales training programs, designed only for salon and spas.

essential-salon-marketing-toolkitIt all started with the “Essential Salon Owner’s Toolkit”… which has become the marketing ‘bible’ of the industry.

Jam-packed with the "how-to" of direct response marketing for salons & spas, it also came with scores of done-for-you promotions on CD, audio tutorials and a complete Sales Training Manual.

...and it sold for up to $5,000! Thousands of salons & spas around the world purchased the Toolkit.

But here’s the good news…


Everything in the Toolkit - and MUCH more - is now instantly accessible online… for a FRACTION of the cost. You’re the one who WINS!

Finally, we did it. We developed a new level of membership, jam-packed with benefits, but more importantly for you… It’s one TENTH the investment of our top-level coaching and mentoring program. (For top-level salons & spas who want intense one-on-one support and are willing and able to invest up to $2,500 per month!) 

“Here’s a More Affordable Way to Get Instant Access to the World’s Biggest Online Library of ‘done-for-you’ Salon Marketing & Advertising Material That Gets You New And Repeat Clients Just Like Clockwork…”

We know that our Members love the Client Attraction System ‘sealed section’ website. And they’re addicted to the Members Only Facebook discussion forum, where they share their ideas, successes, failures (and yes, frustrations) with other Inner Circle members around the world.

And now for the first time, you can now get access to this vast library and support network at just a fraction of the price.

I Love The New Client Attraction System Website
“I barely even look at the Toolkit anymore,”
says super-successful salon owner Sharon Lee McGaw of CH Laser in Emerald, Queensland.
“Yes, it taught me so much, but these days I find the MOST valuable thing is being able to jump onto the Members website any time of the day or night, and download what I want in an instant!”

When we found out that Sharon and so many other long-term WSM members were using the website more than they were using the Toolkit, it was a revelation.

But it shouldn’t really have come as a surprise.

When I took a good look at the 'sealed section' website, I was stunned. There was SO MUCH fresh material in there, and dozens more new templates being added by my team each month. It had become, over a period of several years, without doubt…

The world’s biggest, best and most extensive library of purely salon and spa marketing and sales material… 2,560 individual promotions & templates.. total value more than $250,000.. all yours to plunder and profit from!

So I decided to make this material available in a brand new mid-level program called…

The Client Attraction System

Purposely designed for busy Salon & Spa owners who want push button fast results at the click of a mouse.

Fact is, when you become a member of WSM's Client Attraction System, you’ll never be alone again. You’ll have a whole team of successful salon & spa owners around you… all eager to help you succeed. All eager to give you support when you need it. All eager to solve any of your business woes.

Here’s a quick look at all the benefits you get as a member…

  • 24/7 access to the large and ever-growing Members Only ‘sealed section’ website.

    (Get access to instant and proven promotions.)

  • Unlimited access to the Member’s Only Facebook discussion forum.

    (Get your questions answered and join the discussion. This is where members help other members.)

  • Unlimited email support for queries, questions and ‘help desk’.

    (Invaluable resource if you ever get stuck.)

PLUS, for a limited time, we're giving you 2 BIG FREE GIFTS valued at $499


  • FREE GIFT #1: New DVD called Instant Salon Profits
  • FREE GIFT #2: Instant access to the Fast Start Video series

And I’ll tell you more about your free gifts shortly and why they’ll be so valuable to you and your salon… but first…

Let’s quickly take a peak inside the 'sealed section' Members Only Website, chock full of WINNING, PROVEN promotions you can plunder…

competition-time-square3NEW SOCIAL MEDIA templates

Every month, we add new graphics and promotional templates you can download and use in your own Facebook and other social media pages, such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can use them for competitions, for paid advertising, just about anything you choose! 

NEW MOTHER'S DAY templates

Are you going to spend hours in front of your computer this year, nutting out your Mother's Day marketing campaign, or are you going to make it easy for yourself, and simply download the already-done-for-you templates? New Mother's Day templates are waiting for you... all you have to do is log in! And with just a few clicks of the mouse you have your own winning promotion! (NOTE: Just this one promotion could easily pay for a lifetime membership of the Client Attraction System.)

templates1NEW Valentine's Day templates

It's one of the biggest salon marketing events of the year — and our members are already logging in and downloading these beautifully-produced and written ads, flyers and posters to make their Valentine's Day a super-successful campaign... All you have to do is download them in Word format, quickly edit them to suit your own salon offers, and get them into the market place...


Every three months or less, these templates (and they're updated regularly) give you instant access to marketing tools that get your clients in the door!

salon-owner-live-video-300x170LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCES

Join in - from any laptop, tablet or smart phone - as we host live video Business Brainstorming conferences. You can just watch and listen in, or speak up and ask questions, it's up to you.

These Business Brainstorming sessions are great for picking the brains of some of the smartest and most successful salon owners in the world. (And if you miss the live session, don't worry, they're recorded so you can watch them later.)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, a mere fraction of the profit pulling promotions jammed into the Members Site. Fact is, there are HUNDREDS of templates like these, instantly downloadable and easily edited to suit your own salon’s offers, culture and services.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you have your own winning promotions all set and ready to go.

These promotions work, and work well, to fill your salon or spa with customers happy to pay your prices.

Juanelle Venter

Thank you to WSM for all I have received up until now it’s been MIND BLOWING!!! I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed as my time is so limited, but any time I have when I don’t have a client begging for an appointment or Husband needing time or kids needing time, I try to research and plan my next step. This is great stuff you guys are a life saver.

Juanelle Venter Rare Beauti Salon CC Eastern Cape, South Africa

Not only that, we show you the results our members are getting from these promotions… so you can see for yourself how this works in the real world.

You’ll see…

  • How Brenda Patel of Nirvana Spa in Brisbane sold $23,700 worth of gift vouchers in two weeks…
  • The actual emails that Louise Gray of Auckland used to sell $6,000 worth of gift vouchers…
  • The Penny Sale promotion that Molly Verbrugge of Indulgences in Little Rock, Arkansas used to bring in no less than $81,235 in two weeks – literally DOUBLE the same two week period the previous year…
  • How David Velasco of Velasco Salon in Doylestown, Pennsylvania sold memberships worth $23,200 in just 9 days…
  • The actual three-step letter sequence that gets up to 45% of your ‘lost’ clients back into the salon…
  • The cheap ad that Leah Bobridge of Fresh Hair & Body in Salisbury, South Australia used to attract 33 new clients. You can use this ad exactly as it is…
  • The promotion that Tracey Maryska used to sell $990 retail product in 12 hours…

You’ll get instant access to these promotions plus hundreds more including…

  • School Balls: This is a fantastic little-known segment of the market to target. You’ll get plenty of examples to use so you can really take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Pre-Christmas marketing: Plenty of promotions for you to get new customers in the door, and old customers back again, so you remain busy right up until Xmas… and what’s even better… you won’t be discounting either.

  • Refer a Friend Campaigns: There’s an entire system for getting your clients to refer their friends and family. This is a great way to get customers for free… it really is like getting free money. You’ll find out how to do this right and get great results with our proven templates.

  • Membership Marketing:Getting your customers to become members and pay you every month is a tremendous opportunity for salon & spa owners who know how to do it right. This way, each month, you get paid upfront before you do the work. This means, at the start of each month you are already ahead, you know a certain amount of sales are already made. Might pay to read that again. This gives our members peace of mind, knowing they’ve got this cash coming in straight away. Inside the website, you get shown how to do this properly and you get the proven marketing tools to make this amazing opportunity a reality in your salon or spa.By the way, as mentioned, you’ll see how David Velasco of Velasco Salon in Doylestown, Pennsylvania sold memberships worth $23,200 in just 9 days… and you’ll get to see the actual promotion and why it was so successful.

  • Wedding Services: This is another segment of the market to target to make sure you keep busy… and above all, without discounting.

  • Back to School Promotions: Ads, fliers and posters by the dozen so you do not miss out on this lucrative segment of the market.

  • Missing in Action Letters: A great way to get old customers back and spending money with you again instead of your competitors. Let’s face it; all salons have a long list of clients that are ‘missing in action’. Here you can download a complete series of what we call ‘Raise the Dead’ letters – these carefully-worded letters have been shown to get as many as 40% of your lost clients back, turning them into regular clients once again. Imagine how much money that can mean to your business?

You get loads of training too… including…

  • Video tutorials on how to create Joint Ventures with other businesses
  • Training on how to maximize referrals
  • How to sell more retail in your salon
  • How to hire, motivate and train staff
  • And so much more!

As mentioned, that’s just a small taste of what’s inside our Members Website… and what’s in store for you when you sign up for the Client Attraction System!


That’s right. This is NOT some outdated unchanging library of ads and promotions that might have worked years ago. No way! Each month, we’re writing, designing and uploading dozens more templates, so there’s always fresh material for you.

There’s far too much in the online library to detail here; you get the picture. But frankly, you really have to get in there and browse for yourself to get the full story.

We’ve spent many years putting this collection of winning promotions together. Many years of testing them in the marketplace so we know they work. And we spend many hours each week testing and refining and adding new promotions.

This way you don’t have to.

Let’s face it, seriously, do you really want to spend your valuable time agonizing over what to put in your promotions?

If you’re like most salon owners, you’re too busy for that. The smart move is to spend your time elsewhere and let our proven promotions fill your salon for you.

And when you think about it, you could easily pay a professional copywriter up to $5,000.00 for just one of these promotions… but why bother? You get access to hundreds of them! All proven! All successful! And with just a few clicks of the mouse they’re all yours, branded as your own!

And Just Think… The Members Only Sealed Site is Just One of The Many Benefits You Get as a Member… There Are Plenty More Including…

facebook-forumMembers Only Facebook Discussion Forum

We know it can be lonely as a business owner. But being part of Worldwide Salon Marketing means you get to network with all the other Worldwide Salon Marketing members from all over the world.

As a member you get instant access to our exclusive, closed door Members Only Facebook Discussion Forum, where members hang out, find answers to their questions, and get support from other salon & spa owners.

And don’t worry: The Facebook forum is private. Nothing you say there will appear on anybody else’s Facebook page, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your conversations aren’t being read by staff, friends or even family.

Every day, our Members are sharing their successes, triumphs, frustrations and ideas with each other, from all over the world. Getting into this elite forum just by ‘asking to join’ as a new member opens up a whole new world of support and assistance from other successful salon owners just like you… your fellow members!

By the way, the conversation is electric and not just about marketing either. Recent questions and answers have been on…

  • How to manage difficult staff
  • How to hire folks that will be loyal and stay
  • How to add on another income stream to your salon
  • How to handle no-shows
  • How to stock the best products
  • Quick-fire promotions that bring in the cash and so much more.

If you’re looking for support, looking for encouragement, looking for answers on anything related to your salon or spa… this is THE place to get your answers. And you can join the conversation as soon as you grab your Client Attraction System membership.

Renee Miles

We have been quite busy actually. Been trying to do some more promotion type things, when we spoke to you last we were not doing too much promoting at all. We started doing a “treatment of the month” in salon so finding that for this month it was new mask that we have in the salon. We did a package with that, and explained how the treatment works. We put it on Facebook as well. More so trying to educate our clients as well on the product that we have for the month, and that we are offering a special on the product for a short time. That has been really good.

Renee Miles Pure Serenity, Australia

Frankly, once you become a member you are not alone… you have a whole support team around you… so you’ll always have someone to turn to when you need answers, support and guidance.

So to recap, here’s what you get as a member

  • 24/7 access to the large and ever-growing Members Only ‘sealed section’ website.

    (Get access to instant and proven promotions.)

  • Unlimited access to the Inner Circle member’s only Facebook discussion forum.

    (Get your questions answered and join the discussion. This is where members help other members.)

  • Unlimited email support for queries questions and ‘help desk’.

    (Invaluable resource if you ever get stuck.)

PLUS, for a limited time, we're giving you 2 BIG FREE GIFTS valued at $499!


The Essential Salon Owner's Audio Kit

We called this the Essential Salon Owner's Audio Kit for a reason. You’ll discover…

  • "How I DOUBLED MY SALES from $200K to $400K...and you can too!"
  • Why being a 'people pleaser' is ruining your business. Dynamic coach Perry Mardon reveals the values, rules and boundaries of successful salon owners.
  • TWO marketing & sales strategies guaranteed to dramatically boost your sales instantly.
  • "We triped our business in 100 days. Here's how we did it, and you can too..."
  • The mailbox flier that got another salon 39 new clients in one week
  • Stop being CONFUSED and learn to create offers that put money in your bank account instantly.
  • The Yellow Pages salon ad that brought in no less than $187,000 in one year
  • Senior coach Annette Gomez and Jill Groves discuss how to get your staff REBOOKING LIKE CRAZY.
  • HOW TO MAKE AN extra $60,000 IN 6 DAYS AND beat the competition.


5-Part Fast Start Video Series

This 5-part Fast Start Videos series shows you how to get the most out of the smorgasbord of promotions on the Members Website. Here’s a quick peek of what they contain…

  1. How to quickly and easily edit the templates you find on the Members site – no more computer rage! Plus, how to use a brand new Consultation Form to massively increase your ticket price and your re-booking rate!
  2. Exactly how you can get up to 45% of your ‘missing in action’ clients back into the salon – a step-by-step guide, complete with instructions on which letters to use…plus how to dramatically increase your referrals.
  3. How to turn new clients into long-term clients, the easy way
  4. Three simple ways to get your clients paying you cash up front – for as much as a YEAR in advance!
  5. How to instantly boost your retail sales – plus the ‘real-world’ low-down on rewarding staff for doubling their retail sales.

As you can see, nothing has been left to chance. We’ve been coaching and training salon and spa owners since 2004 so we know what works and we know what you need to turn your salon profits around.

Frankly, nothing I can tell you here can compare to the feelings you’ll experience when you become a member.

  • The sheer exhilarating feeling you’ll get when you use one of our promotions and see all the new and old customers come rushing through your door.
  • The peace of mind you’ll feel knowing you can ask your questions in confidence and get detailed answers from other salon owners from throughout the world.
  • The joy you’ll feel once again about owning such a thriving business.
  • The freedom you’ll get knowing all of your bills are covered with plenty of change left over.

This and more is waiting for you right now. In less than two minutes, all this can be yours.

Here’s what happens the instant you join Client Attraction System.

  1. Choose your own logins, and you’ll immediately get access to the Members Only website and your 5-part Fast Start Video series.
  2. You’ll receive an email from Worldwide Salon Marketing with a link to the Members Only Facebook discussion forum. Ask to join, and one of our Administrators will open the door for you.
  3. You’ll receive a Welcome Call from one of our coaches, in Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand or the UK.
  4. We’ll post out your Essential Salon Owner's Audio Kit.

Joining the Client Attraction System is like becoming a member of an extended family… a family full of successful salon and spa owners, dedicated to increasing profits in your business. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Tracey Orr

I started in a single room with just one employee, and grew to be the city’s biggest and most profitable salon with a dozen staff and a million dollar turnover – all since joining Worldwide Salon Marketing. It was by FAR the best business decision I ever made. For any salon or spa owner, joining this program is a no-brainer.

Tracey Orr Absolute Beauty, Tasmania

So now you’re probably thinking about price. This will cost a fortune right?

Well no, but actually, it should. Think about it. Hiring a business coach alone will cost you as much as $150.00 an hour. Hiring a copywriter could cost you up to $5,000.00… and that’s just for one promotion.

Our accountants – they’re the financial experts, aren’t they – tell us that with everything included in the Client Attraction System – the online library of hundreds of advertising and marketing templates, the video tutorials, the private discussion forum, the email and technical support, the weekly Marketing Update Reports, the free gifts – it should be priced at a minimum of…

$12,000.00 a year!

Thankfully for you, we didn’t listen to the accountants. I mean, since when have accountants been any good at marketing and business anyway?

So here’s the good news…

Your membership investment to the Client Attraction System is nowhere near $12,000.00. In fact, we’ve decided to make it affordable to ALL salon & spa owners who want more clients, more money, and more free time.

For $49.50, you are just minutes away from the Pot of Gold. After that, if you want to stay with us, it's less than the price of a color 'n cut per month...

Yes, just $119 per month (+GST in Australia)

Or just $US99 a month if you're outside Australia



So What’s Your Next Step?

Simply click on the “I WANT IN” button below, and you’ll be taken through to our secure Client Attraction System order page, and you'll set up your username and password.


And just think, in these uncertain times you’ll have certainty. Instead of worrying where your next client is coming from, you’ll have access to a proven bank of successful promotions.

In these worrying times you’ll be confident. And in these times of scarcity you’ll have abundance.

These benefits and more are your reality once you enrol in our new Client Attraction System membership. This could be the BIG breakthrough you’ve been searching for!

Please do not put this off


Thanks for sticking with me for so long. I know you’re busy. If you’re like many salon and spa owners who are not our members, there’s probably a good chance you’re stressed out, over-worked and under-paid, dealing with so many issues you find it hard to spend any time on yourself.

So before I go, I’d just like you to think about this…

Isn’t It About Time You Did Something For Yourself For a Change?

It’s time to stand up and be counted and do this for yourself.

The Client Attraction System

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Saves you worry
  • And makes you money

It’s that simple.


happy-ladyIt’s amazing how much your life changes when you are not stressed out all the time, not worried about the bills, not fearful of next week, next month.

You can start to breathe again.

To live again.

To once more start enjoying your life and your business.

Right now, you have an important decision to make.

Frankly, you have 3 choices…

1: Do nothing. For some, this is not an option.

2: You can stick with what you are doing and struggle along… but to be blunt… how is that working for you?

3: Say YES now, join Client Attraction System and get access to our smorgasbord of salon and spa promotions, advice and support.

Look you’ve read this far so probably option 1 and 2 or out otherwise you’ll be in the same position next year.

We’ve taken away all the risk. Try it for 30 days – If you don’t like it, get a FULL no questions asked refund.

And just think, if you’re like most of our members, you’ll continue on with us way past your first 30 days. That’s because our members just love the Members Only ‘sealed section’ website. And they’re addicted to the Members Only Facebook discussion forum, where they share their ideas, successes, failures (and yes, frustrations) with other Inner Circle members around the world.

And let’s face, just one more customer each week more than pays for your investment. But it you’re like most of our members, I’m betting you’ll a get a whole lot more than one that’s for sure.

Click the “I WANT IN” button below to get started.

Then get ready for a brighter, more enjoyable and fun-filled future.


Looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Worldwide Salon Marketing family.


Greg Milner,
CEO & Co-founder
Worldwide Salon Marketing

PS: About your "50% Your First Month". I mean it. You can join the Client Attraction System right now for just $49.50. We really want you to experience it all and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. I’m sure you’ll love it. And I’m certain you will profit from being part of our community.

Any questions? Please call us.

PPS: Remember, even if you stay longer than 30 days, there are NO CONTRACTS. You can join the program and leave whenever you like. But frankly, once you experience all the good things coming your way, you’ll probably want to stay around for awhile. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice, your decision, and you can quit at any time.