Case Study – the hair salon Facebook and Google campaign that’s TOO successful…

All salons need new clients. This is how it works for Chroma in brisbane. 

Chroma Hair Studio in the inner Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill is surrouded by competitor salons. Chroma is a big salon with high staff numbers.

Owners George and Kim Astropolitis need a constant flow of new clients. So they came to us to design and write a measurable, accountable digital advertising campaign.

This is how we did it….

STEP 1 – Creating and testing a compelling offer


Many businesses waste a lot of money on Facebook and Google ads without thinking through the process from a prospective customer’s point of view. The first thing we did with Chroma was develop a compelling offer.

In this case, a special Balayage offer for first-time clients. Reasoning? Chroma has a history of re-booking about 80% of new clients, so it’s worth not making much profit on the first time service.

Then, we created a landing page. This is what people land on when they click on the Google or Facebook ads.

On that landing page is an opt-in form. Every time somebody clicks on an ad and fills in that form, Chroma staff get an instant notification, and call the prospect to book them in.

Once the landing page was designed and built, we then had to create ads to drive people to that page.


Chroma's hair salon landing page

STEP 2 – Creating the Facebook ads. 

With the offer determined, creating the ads was relatively straightfoward.

Chroma’s owners reckoned there was not much point in advertising too widely, so we restricted the ads to a radius of about 10km around the salon.

For Facebook, the most crucial aspect was the image. The ONLY purpose of an image in a Facebook ad is to ‘stop the scroll’. So we chose an image that was bound to attract attention.

If the image isn’t compelling, the text above the image won’t matter. But it’s still important, so we took the time to craft a message that matched the message in the landing page.

We tested a number of different image/text combinations before settling on the one you see here.



Chroma's Facebook ad

STEP 3 – Creating the Google ads. 

Google is different from Facebook. It’s text only, so the text has to be just right.

While ads on Facebook are ‘pushed’ at people browsing their feeds, ads on Google are ‘pulled’ towards people who are searching for what you’re selling.

We wrote and tested a number of different version of the Google ads, and after studying the data over a short period, we determined that the ad you see was producing the best results at the lowest possible cost.

Once that was determined, we were able to concentrate the available daily pay-per-click budget into that one top performing ad.

STEP 4 – The results!

We set the ads running on November 21, 2020. 

In the first FOUR WEEKS, no fewer than 80 people opted in for that special offer.

That’s 20 potential new clients every week.

Simple offer, simple ads, direct results.

As we write this, those ads are still running, and producing new prospective clients every single day.

All the salon has to do is phone them and book them in.

And you can dial it up, or dial it down, depending on whether you’re getting MORE than you can handle. We turned these ads off on December 23, and turned them back on again on January 15, when the salon had re-opened after Christmas.

One intersting statistic: of all the people who click on the ads and end up on the landing page, fully 13% of them fill in that form. That’s an outstanding figure, on a global average scale.

Worldwide, the average “optin rate” for landing pages is a paltry 2.35%! At 13%, this puts Chroma’s landing page in the top 10% of conversion rates globally.

Digital advertising for hair salons

So successful is this ad campaign, George has asked us to turn them off!