Most business owners know that Christmas is a no-brainer. Bookings are full, and everybody’s scrambling to fit as many clients in as possible before the break.

But the really smart owners have their eyes on the New Year. Finding clients before Christmas is easy. After? Not so much.

It takes some clever “Sales Thinking”.

And the very first “Sales Thinking 101” is your offer.

Marketing without an offer is like putting up a logo and imagining it’s somehow going to attract a stampede of customers all on its own.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer.

Pretty pictures alone doesn’t cut it. Most small business owners know how to throw up a picture on social media, or send an email to their clients and prospects. But few know the ‘secret sauce’ of creating an offer that compels people to respond. That’s irresistible.

So here are the “Big Four” elements that make up a great offer: Run these by your current marketing and see if it ticks all these boxes.

1. It has to be clear.

Confused people don’t buy. Discounts and value-add-ons can work, but don’t make the prospect think. Half off works better than 50% off, and 50% off works better than 35% off or 60% off, because people have trouble working out percentages.

Two for one, or buy one, get one free will almost always work better than half off.

For years, Members of our Client Attraction System have used our famous “Buy One, Get One Free” templates to great effect around Christmas time to drive clients and prospects into the salon after the holiday.

2. The offer has to be good value.

Don’t be shy about publishing prices. If you’re offering a discount or a premium, make sure people can compare it with published prices. People have been lied to for decades, by everyone from the church down. So they’re suspicious. Make the extra value crystal clear.

3. Put a limit on the offer.

There’s no point creating a great offer and then, by default, making it open-ended. Scarcity drives response.

You can either limit the offer by time, or by numbers. But I’ve found limiting by numbers has almost always worked better than limiting by time.

So “only for the first 17 to respond” tends to work better than “Offer ends January 31.” And thanks to technology, if your offer is on your website, you can automatically show how many of the special offer or deal are left.

4. Make it believable.

There should always be a reason for you making this offer. Again, people are suspicious. We’ve all been taught there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

So you need to explain. You’re doing this to introduce a new team member. Or to celebrate a birthday. Or the opening of a new shop, an anniversary, a celebration of some kind.

Almost any explanation will do. But there has to be one.

Now, take a look over your most recent marketing material. Does it offer great value? Is it scarce? Is it believable?

Strategies and tips like this are just the – pardon the pun – tip of the iceberg.

Which is why so many salon & spa owners are Members of our Client Attraction System.

It’s a complete “how-to” online course in marketing for smart salon owners, plus a huge range of downloadable tools, templates, and done-for-you social media marketing.