Why Was My Google Business Profile Suspended?

What you need to Know?


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, maintaining a robust Google presence is essential for businesses striving to succeed online. One invaluable tool in this pursuit is the Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GBP). Tailored to cater to businesses engaging with local customers in person, this service empowers you to efficiently manage crucial public information on Google Search and Maps, encompassing vital details like operating hours and contact information.


However, the occasional suspension of your Google business listing is a challenge that many businesses encounter. This situation can arise due to a range of factors, including ineligible addresses, keyword overuse in business names, and complications related to profile types and duplications. Understanding the dynamics of Google Business Profile suspensions is pivotal in effectively addressing and resolving these issues.

Understanding Google Business Profile Suspensions: A Comprehensive Guide

A Google Business Profile suspension entails the removal of your business listing from both Google Maps and search results. While your profile continues to exist, it becomes unsearchable, and the ability to edit or manage it is temporarily revoked.

It’s important to recognise that suspensions are an experience that many businesses share, and they can occur even without deliberate misconduct. Instead of reacting with frustration, let’s delve into the underlying causes of these suspensions and explore viable solutions.


Differentiating Between Suspension Types

Google Business Profile suspensions come in two primary types:

  1. Hard Suspensions: A hard suspension leads to the complete removal of your business listing. Typically of a permanent nature, resolving hard suspensions often involves appealing directly to Google support for potential reinstatement.
  1. Soft Suspensions: In a soft suspension scenario, your listing remains searchable but is tagged as “unverified,” restricting content management. Following instructions available on the Google Business Profile help page can lead to the resolution of this type of suspension.

Triggers for Suspension

Various factors can lead to the suspension of a Google Business Profile. These include:

  • Utilisation of ineligible business addresses
  • Excessive insertion of keywords into business names
  • Creation of multiple profiles for a single business
  • Association with high-risk business categories
  • Presence of multiple entities at a single address
  • Incorrect selection of profile types
  • Designation as an online-only business
  • Usage of PO boxes or virtual offices as addresses
  • Discrepancies in business information across diverse platforms
  • Incorporation of fake reviews within the profile
  • Use of fabricated business details
  • Misalignment between email and website domains
  • Implementation of unverified changes to profile data
  • Listing of non-existent business addresses
  • Misleading 24/7 business hour claims
  • Unnotified transfers of profile ownership
  • Impact of suspended profile managers on your profile

Addressing Google Business Profile Challenges

The evolving search index algorithms of Google can introduce unforeseen bugs that impact profile suspensions. These may involve unexplained suspensions or issues related to the visibility of reviews. Around 1% of reinstated profiles may experience reintegration loops, while others could encounter disparities in the services listed.

Navigating Suspension Resolution: Step-by-Step Approach

To reinstate a suspended Google Business Profile, consider the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly Review Google’s Terms of Service: Carefully examine suspension notification emails for potential insights. If uncertainties persist, refer to Google’s terms to identify potential violations.
  2. Rectify Compliance Concerns: Make essential adjustments to your profile to ensure compliance with guidelines, particularly focusing on addressing common suspension triggers.
  3. Initiate Reinstatement Filing: Once your profile is in compliance, submit a reinstatement form. In cases where errors are suspected, consider appealing the decision without making alterations.
  4. Seek Support: If necessary, reach out to Google Business Profile support, furnishing relevant information for verification.
  5. Supplementary Measures: Tackle issues related to duplicate listings and adhere to Google’s guidelines, with a focus on maintaining a singular verified listing per business category at each physical location.

 Endurance Yields Results

The process of reinstating a suspended Google Business Profile requires patience. During the review period, consider updating your website and online profiles. In instances where challenges persist, the option of appealing decisions or seeking expert assistance remains viable.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that while Google Business Profile suspensions are a commonplace occurrence, proactive measures can lead to reinstatement, fostering continued business growth. For dedicated guidance in overcoming these challenges and reclaiming your Google presence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Worldwide Salon Marketing. Your online success story awaits!

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