Imagine, your salon's phone ringing endlessly, new clients arriving to their appointments, and all those empty appointments being filled in minutes..

.. Or your money back, guaranteed!

Discover how to fill your salon or spa FAST with this simple, unfiltered 8-week course

  • Week 1: How to Fill Empty Appointments – FAST!

    Using the power of texting, we’ll teach you EXACTLY how to use these tested, proven and downloadable SMS Marketing promotions to get your phone ringing, and those appointment slots filled – now.

    You’ll be wondering why you never did this sooner.

  • Week 2: No-Shows Driving You Up The Wall?

    In week two, we’ll explain the simple and proven way to stop no-shows dead in their tracks, having 99% of your clients turn up on time, AND you can still get paid if they don’t!

    This includes the free downloadable client letter “You and Us – Beautiful Relationship,” that will lay the groundwork and expectations for your new (and existing) clients.

  • Week 3: Do You Have Clients "Missing In Action"?

    We’ll share with you how a dog can help you get up to 50% of your lost clients back. Every salon or spa has clients they haven’t seen in months, and in this week, we’ll show you exactly how you can get them back NOW, and get them spending MORE money withy you. You’ll get access to the world-famous “Raise the Dead” letters, which will instantly get your lost clients back. It’s the one time you’ll love having The Walking Dead around you.

  • Week 4: Want More New Clients Finding You Online?

    91% of people searching online never look beyond the top 3 results. In this week, we’ll teach you the 3-overlooked, 3-most underrated and simple ways to get your business to the top of Google searched – and to own your market in your local area.

  • Week 5: The BIG Website Mistakes Almost ALL Salons Make...

    If your website isn’t generating you a constant stream of new business, – you’re probably missing these four CRUCIAL parts of your website. We’ll do in-depth with you, and you’ll get instant access to the Salon Website Checklist, ready to make the necessary changes to your website.

  • Week 6: Which Salon Software Do You Choose?

    You can’t run a successful business without an exceptional salon management system. But there’s SO MANY of them out there… how do you choose? What do you look for? How much do you pay? In this week’s lesson, the crucial “must-haves” for your appointment system are what we’ll teach you, and you’ll leave the class knowing what to do next.

  • Week 7: How to Double, Even TRIPLE Your Retail Sales... Overnight

    Retail is where the big bucks are. Yet, why is it, so few salons really make the money they should be from their retail products? In this week’s lesson, our guess teacher, the world-famous salon owner, trainer and motivator Julie Piantadosi will show you what you must do to increase your retail sales!

  • Week 8: How to Cash From Your Client BEFORE They Even Show Up..

    Yes, you can get money from your clients BEFORE they even turn up to their appointment! In the final week of Inner Circle Lite, you’ll discover how our member salons ALL OVER THE GLOBE are bringing in tens of thousands of dollars up-front from their clients… by selling memberships! 

    You’ll have FREE access to downloadable, written-for-you membership promotions and templates you can modify to suit your salon, and to increase your bank balance.

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Your No-Questions-Asked, Full 365 day Money Back Guarantee

Sign up for the Lite salon marketing program now for a one-off payment of just $69 and use ALL of the tools, templates and strategies in the program for a full YEAR. You can cancel your course at any time, and even up to 365 days, say "Greg, this didn't work for me," - and I'll refund your investment IN FULL, no questions asked.

So, you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Hi – Greg here, and I'm REALLY excited to show you my LATEST program... the Inner Circle Lite course! greg-milner-wsm

Leanna (your course host) and I have designed this course to be the end-of-all-other-courses. We wanted to be able to give you everything you need to successfully run, and grow a salon or spa, without the need to break out your purse and invest into high-ticket seminars, or programs that tell you what to do, without actually teaching you how to do it. 

With Inner Circle Lite, all you need to do is show up. We teach you everything – and we give you the tools to do it all. No more leaving those seminars jam packed full of energy, only to be scratching your head a few weeks later going "what did she say again?"

Inside Lite, you must be willing to do the work – and I guarantee you'll see the results, almost immediately. Heck, over this 8-week course, you'll start seeing results within minutes of implementing the first lesson. How many other marketing 'techniques' can give you results that fast?

Enough struggling to pay the bills. Enough is enough. It's time you starting working ON your business, instead of working IN it.

Let me guess: 

You bought a salon thinking you could turn it around easily...

You sank your life savings into a huge bank loan, only to discover clients don't magically phone you..

You struggled to get ads into the local paper... for them to bring in maybe one new client..

You followed the rules. You did what everyone told you to do... "follow the rules! Make discounts, promotions! Ads in the paper!" 

But because you're a good little salon owner, you followed the rules.

And you were gobsmacked when following the rules didn't work. You maybe pulled in 1 or 2 new clients, losing hundreds of hard-earned dollars, maybe even thousands of dollars down the drain.

You played it safe. You did what everyone else is doing.

If you do what everyone else isn't doing, you'll stand out. You'll find the success you've always dreamed of.

If this sounds like the story of your salon and your life, then it's time to make a change. There's no point wasting any more of your time and your money – heck, you're probably suffocating under the appointments, the books, the staff issues, no-shows, rent – AND marketing the salon.

Phew. You must be exhausted. Breathe. Let's take a step back, and try something new. It's time to start working ON your salon, instead of IN it. When you start working on your business, you'll start making more money, have less stress, and you'll become more happier.


Just take a minute to visualise how your new life would look if: 

  • You opened up your appointment calendar one morning, only to discover you had several empty treatment rooms that afternoon.. yet with a few pushes of a button, filling those rooms within minutes..
  • You could forget about those no-shows driving you MAD
  • You could spend more time with your family, knowing your salon is running itself...
  • You could send out special letters that would guarantee make your phone ring off the hook...
  • You could buy yourself a BRAND NEW CAR with the extra money you're making in your salon...
  • You could DOUBLE your retail sales, overnight...
  • You knew exactly how to get cash up front from your clients...
  • Your salon was making MORE MONEY than EVER before...

This is EXACTLY how successful salon owners live their life EVERY SINGLE DAY

Are you ready to join them?  Introducing Inner Circle Lite, an 8-week video course starting right now for salon and spa owners who are stressed, tired, and want to finally see some REAL results. Whether you're in the beauty, or hair industry, this course will be the easiest course you have EVER taken. 

Think of this course as the pre-requisite to having a salon run on autopilot.  You could enroll in a thousand other online (or even physical) courses, twice, three times the investment of Inner Circle Lite, and none of them would be this easy, this simple, and frankly – no other course will give you results this fast. 

After completing Inner Circle Lite, you'll walk away with the confidence of a superhero. You'll walk into your salon knowing EXACTLY what to do next, and better yet:

You'll notice the increase in sales, the increase in bookings... and you'll see more money in your bank account.

affordable-salon-marketing With Inner Circle Lite, you get 8 weeks of real, genuine and up-to-date marketing lessons that work today – and they'll work ten years from now. We're living in a world where a single app update can change anything, and I can guarantee – what you'll learn inside these 8 lessons is all proven, and has been used by thousands of salons and spas all over the world. 

I know what it's like when you're stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling


I'm Greg Milner, the creator of Inner Circle Lite, and that's my cute Grandson, Jake, living in Vienna, Austria.

See, I created Inner Circle Lite for salon and spa owners who're sick and tired of struggling, and want to squeeze themselves thin between frustrating staff, annoying no-shows, and everything else that comes with running a salon day-to-day.

I've helped thousands of salons and spas all over the world make a ton of money, find a plethora of new clients, AND that means my Members get to travel around the world, and spend more time with their kids. 

Not long ago, I too, was in your shoes. Having been a TV producer and journalist for 20 years, I found myself dating a gorgeous beauty salon owner. Her salon, was struggling. Having studied everything marketing – and my background as a journalist – I wrote her a few ads and fliers, and BOOM. It completely transformed her business. 

More sales, new clients, and the phone was ringing NON STOP. I barely saw her – that's how busy she became! That was in 2004, and a lot has changed since then. I've had the privilege of working with thousands of other salon owners – all over the world.


It really took off in 2008, at the height of the Global Financial Crisis. The marketing material I had created for these salons was taking off. It was getting people in the door – by the truckload. And this was at a time where everyone was boycotting Starbucks and getting laid off.

That's how powerful this marketing is.

See, Inner Circle Lite isn't just about turning your salon into a profit-generating machine. No, it's about changing your entire life. And it'll be the quickest, simplest way your life has ever changed.

Karen Briffa Karen Briffa, Le Beau Total Body Management

On a Monday morning at 8.45am, I checked our appointment system and discovered we had several empty treatment rooms that afternoon. We sent out 100 text messages to a carefully-selected list of clients – within THREE MINUTES, those empty appointment rooms were booked solid for the rest of the day. That's the power in this kind of marketing!

David Belfer David Belfer, Emphasis Hair

74 SMS’s to clients we hadn’t seen for over 18 months offering $99.00 Style Cut & Colour to fill the gaps on a Thursday and Friday… 9 responses. 11 appointments! $1389.00 extra income with retail sales and upselling all from “Dead Clients”! Not bad for $7.40 in SMS messages!

Craig Whitley Craig Whitley, Storm Hair

It’s helped us to educate and train our team to the extent that they now don't question any marketing we do because they are seeing the massive results we achieve by following the system that works.  

If you are sick of spending money on marketing and are getting very poor results (our last campaign cost $700 to produce and we made $5500 in three weeks with 26 brand new clients) then you’d be nuts to miss this!

Jason Kiley / Karlene Jackson Jason Kiley / Karlene Jackson, Body Treats Beauty and Massage

By simply following your system and examples we have managed to create a continual flow of around 5 new clients a day.

Join the Inner Circle Lite Course Today, for ONE PAYMENT OF $69!

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Simply let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you:

  • Immediate access into the 8-week Inner Circle Lite course

    This course is all online, and only 8-weeks long. You’ll receive a new lesson each and every week, with steps you can take to IMMEDIATELY start implementing and making more money.

  • An Electronic Copy of The Book “Rich Salon Owner...”

    You’ll receive an electronic copy instantly. You can read it on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Kindle, iPad, or any other electronic device.

Additional Gift #1:

sms-ebook97% of all mobile users read their texts in any given 12-hour period.

You have access to almost all of your clients – and potential customers – when you have their mobile/cell. I believe strongly in finding a way to fill your empty appointment slots, and to upsell to existing clients – all with the touch of a button.

That’s why – one of the first lessons – is all about text message marketing.

Part of week 1’s lesson is this FREE report, which will give you the exact steps, scripts and resources you need to make money from texting your clients.

You can be among the few who can truly achieve text message marketing, all with avoiding coming across as a spammy a-hole.

For example: on page 5, you can use the exact text that Karen Briffa sent to 100 of her clients that filled 7 appointment slots in 10 minutes!

And on page 6, I show you the exact tools to use if you’ve never sent a text message for your salon ever before.

There’s more, too...


Additional Gift #2:
Access to our PAYING MEMBER’S ONLY Facebook Forum

The biggest thing my members struggle with is unanswered questions.

salon-marketing-facebook-group“Is this offer okay?”
“What do I say when I answer the phone?”
“How much do I pay my staff?”
“What do I do about rude clients?”
“How do I stop losing money from no-shows?”

All of these questions – and any other questions you have – can be answered in our Member’s Only Facebook group – where you can interact with fellow salon and spa owners, all over the globe.

By the way – the Facebook group is for our PAYING members only, so you’ll be with committed salon owners... just like you.

Let Me Remind You What You Get When You Join Lite Today

  • Immediate access into the 8-week Inner Circle Lite course

    This course is all online, and only 8-weeks long. You’ll receive a new lesson each and every week, with steps you can take to IMMEDIATELY start implementing and making more money.

  • An Electronic Copy of The Book “Rich Salon Owner...”

    You’ll receive an electronic copy instantly. You can read it on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Kindle, iPad, or any other electronic device.

  • SMS Marketing Pack

    Get the exact tools, scripts and templates to use in your own text marketing, so you too can fill your empty appointment slots in minutes.

  • Access to our PAYING MEMBER’S ONLY Facebook Forum

    This is where you can interact and meet fellow entrepreneurs and salon owners, and ask them anything you want.

Pauline & Rebecca Elms

….we took one letter, modified it slightly, and mailed it to 75 clients. Sixteen of those clients booked at $130 each…for $2,080 in immediate sales…plus, 1 of those clients booked for another 3 treatments and another re-booked for one more treatment. So that was well over $2,500 off that single letter.

Plus, your suggestion for our answering machine brought in 10 more sales in two weeks that we wouldn’t have otherwise made….

Pauline & Rebecca Elms Edgecliff Skin Fitness
Janet Binns

I am amazed…I took one of the many sales letters in the Toolkit and sent it out to clients with an offer in it…that one letter got a 54% response. Then I ran a cheap ad from the Toolkit, and over a period of 4 weeks picked up 25 new clients…twenty five!

This has been one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made.

Janet Binns The Bridge Holistic Centre

So here’s what I want you to do...

Check out my new course.

I’m confident you’ll love it. I’m confident you’ll find dozens of ways to attract more clients... to stop more no-shows... to make more money... and to be there for your family more.

Because you deserve it.

Oh, and here’s one more thing:

If you don’t like it, just let me know, and I'll refund you every cent of your $69.

But, even more... there’s a 365 day limit on this guarantee. That means you have a FULL YEAR to try out the Lite course, and if it isn’t for you, let me know. The people who know me say I’m crazy to do it this way. They think people will take advantage of me – and of the team here.

But I’m not worried about that. People were crazy, telling me “salon marketing won’t work,” and “you’ll never make a dime helping salon owners.”

But that was 14 years ago.

I’ve made hundreds of salon owners successful.
I’ve gotten hundreds of salon owners – family business owners – out of debt.
They’ve sold their businesses.
They’ve bought new homes.
They’ve found luxury cars.
They’ve traveled the world.

All from what I’ve taught them.

I know my work is good. And I know it works. I’ve got the proof.

David Belfer

The easy marketing and selling ideas are like putting a HI – OCTANE Fuel into your car… You get to where you want to go faster, with more comfort and less “wear and tear” on yourself and the staff! It’s really SIMPLE! Greg’s a marketing genius… Nothing new but put into Easy To Use formats with ideas that SELL! Some recent results:

74 SMS’s to clients we hadn’t seen for over 18 months offering $99.00 Style Cut & Colour to fill the gaps on a Thursday and Friday… 9 responses. 11 appointments! $1389.00 extra income with retail sales and upselling all from “Dead Clients”! Not bad for $7.40 in SMS messages!

130 Letters to Clients with children offering FREE Kids cuts over holidays when you have your Cut & Colour done (straight from the Kit)… We were very happy! We entertained over 35 extra kids while their Mum’s “relaxed” and spent over $2500.00 in the school holidays which are generally quiet in our salon.

As a salon owner, you need to invest in this course! I made more than it cost me in less than a month!!

David Belfer Emphasis Hair, Melbourne
Tracy Orr

We are used to doing well with our in salon promos, but this was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

All we did was print (the packages) up from the manual and place them under our nail tables etc and we blew up large ones and hung them everywhere. Of course all my staff have had all the treatments and raved about them. We also made a fuss of clients that bought the packages and staff were instructed that there were only 20 of each.

In other words they believed this and so they closed the sale with clients as there genuinely were only a limited number of each. It was interesting to note that the more expensive ones sold best because clients believed that the value “for free” was better.  Buying the manual was simply the best money I have spent so far on my business. I made my investment back with my very first promotion (plus lots more!) Even if you buy it and never use it, it stops the salon down the road from using it!!!

Tracy Orr Absolute Beauty, Launceston, Tasmania

  It's Guaranteed. Or your Money Back. 

For the Lite course, you have one full year (365 days) to get any refund.

Heck – 85% of our members have been with us for more than 2 years.

Simply click the “Order Now” button below, which will take you to a secure order form.

Yours in marketing,

Greg sig 2


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EVERYTHING you need to know about marketing your salon or spa is inside this manual. See, for years, members in our signature programs came to us, asking for a go-to guide that teaches them EVERYTHING they’ve ever needed to know about marketing:

  • How to write ads that convert;
  • How to avoid the BIG mistakes all business make
  • Why discounting is DEATH TO ANY SALON
  • How to write an offer that gets your perfect clients to ring you STRAIGHT AWAY
  • Why branding advertising is dangerous
  • How to use direct response marketing

See, Simple Salon Marketing is a 313-page manual that’s shipped to your door that comes with hundreds of ready to use, editable templates for finding NEW clients, marketing to your existing clients, and SO MUCH MORE.

Here’s the thing: changing your salon is changing your life.

And to change your life, you need to do what others have succeeded at before. That means following a proven, tested formula. Formulas designed to work with the human psychology.

These EXACT formulas are explained, in plain, simple English, in this classic how-to manual. See, Simple Salon Marketing is THE manual – the guide to read if you TRULY want to grow your salon.

So not only will you receive the 313-page manual, you’ll ALSO get HUNDREDS of downloadable, ready-to-edit templates for newsletters, advertisements, scripts that you can use to find more clients, make MORE money and have LESS STRESS than ever before!

So here’s the deal: you can get EVERYTHING mentioned above – access to the Lite course and the 5-irresistable bonuses, PLUS access to the 313-page Simple Salon Marketing manual, ALL for $358 + shipping and handling! It’s THAT simple!

People called me crazy for sending out thank-you letters on silver platters, and they’ll call me crazy for giving away Simple Salon Marketing WITH the Lite course at such a ridiculous price: see, the manual used to be sold at $997.

Why am I giving you this insane offer?

Why am I willing to give you the manual, PLUS the Lite course, PLUS the 5-extra bonuses AND access to hundreds of instantly-editable templates, all for $358? Simple:

I believe in what I do.

What I teach has the power to change your life. It’s changed the lives of thousands, and I want you to be another million-dollar maker from what I teach you.

The offer is ONLY available here, right now – and it’s ONLY for the first 17 people to take up this offer (as I only have 17 manuals ready to ship).

This offer is only on here, and for today only. So you’ll get the Simple Salon Marketing manual, immediate access to the Lite course + the 5-free bonuses, all for $358+ shipping and handling.

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