Get Up to $15,000 in QLD Government Business Boost Grants

Is your small business in Queensland? Great!

The Queensland Government’s Business Boost Grant applications open on July 30. 

If your business needs 

  • A new or redesigned website
  • eCommerce/booking system setup
  • A digital advertising campaign designed and set up for you

…you could qualify if you

  • Turned over between $300,000 and $600,000 last financial year
  • Have fewer than 20 employees

Example: Let’s say your website is old, out-of-date and needs some serious re-design and construction, plus technology upgrades to help it rank higher in online searches, a re-design and implementation of an online shop, setting up that shop on Facebook and Instagram, and refining your existing online booking system or creating a new one. If the total project cost is say, $12,000 ex GST, and your application is approved, the Qld government will pay 70%, or $8,400 of that (excluding GST) and you would pay only $3,600 – and even that can be set up on a payment plan!

Getting your hands on that money means jumping through some hoops. And we can do all of that for you – scoping the project for you, writing the application, submitting it, and keeping tabs on its progress.

But you need to act fast. It’s not a bottomless pit of money, and the government will close applications as soon as it considers it has enough.

To get Worldwide Salon Marketing working for you, just fill in the form below, and we’ll be in contact right away. Good luck!