Marketing Plan For Beauty Therapists:”…55 new clients and just over $12,000 income that I otherwise would not have received upfront…”

Inner Circle member Amy Mitchell with baby Macy – a sudden rush of new clients thanks to ‘niche’ marketing

Old marketing saying: “There are riches in niches.”

Too many business owners try to be all things to all people, and end up in the to-be-avoided ‘middle ground’, effectively becoming nothing to nobody. What you really want to do is focus on a small target market that’s an inch wide and a mile deep, like Inner Circle member Amy Mitchell (1 year member).

Amy owns a business focusing on massage. Read on to see how business took off when she took my advice and focused on a small, well-defined niche market; mothers-to-be.

Inner Circle member Amy Mitchell ‘gets’ it – and is reaping the benefits.

“I’m just really excited and wanted to share some positive feedback with you in regards to the system. When I signed up I definitely was umming and ahhhhing about the system because I was only doing just straight massage. I have been a member for about 8 or 9 months now and have tried to do what I can to use the system to value add where I can and it has brought some success- nothing sensational- UNTIL NOW!

When I FIRST spoke to you, you suggested going hard in the pregnancy market. So I did.

I’ve opened my doors two weeks ago with Australia’s first pregnancy day spa. I’m nearly falling over because I popped a crappy A-Frame sign out the front with a  cheap laminated sign I can use a white board marker on to change daily which cost me a total of $80- popped on a teaser variation of the Hollywood Woman Package and I have just sold  $1000 of vouchers in last few hours alone. That’s 10 new clients within a matter of hours….. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!

I also tried the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Gift Voucher Offer which produced a minimum of 55 new clients and just over $12,000 income that I otherwise would not have received upfront. Definitely helpful in beginning stages of business.

I am so happy now because I can fully utilise the system now and value add the hell out of everything.

I’ve got another coaching call with Annette which is great because honestly my marketing effort prior to open day was piss poor (due to seriously tight time restraints) but I’m hoping I can with Annette’s help create a huge buzz for an Open Day or something similar.

Anyway- thank you for what I’ve had in the last 9 months which has been good… but now THANK YOU for what I can use now which is nothing short of GREAT!!!!

Amy Mitchell, Panache Massage

PS: Just thought I’d let you know- another 24 hour period in which I spent two hours doing a couple of marketing activities and another $6500 to the bank account. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, and it’s paying big time… so excited I can’t sleep.

Check out Amy’s website here:


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