Monique Porter of Monique Beauty Therapy, North Shore, Auckland

Setting yourself goals and targets is so important in both your personal and business life.  Without having an end result in mind, how will you be able to visualise and achieve your desired outcome?

Let’s take ‘losing weight’ as an example in your personal life.  When you set yourself that goal did you have a specific number of kilo’s in mind that you wanted to lose?  Did you write that number down somewhere or have a chart on the wall plotting your weight loss over a number of weeks?  Was there a timeframe you wanted to achieve it by? Did you reward yourself for meeting certain weight loss targets and was there a consequence if you didn’t make your goal?  Come to think of it, did you even weigh yourself to find out what your current weight is – or was the whole idea a wild stab in the dark?

It’s crucial to set goals and targets in your business life too.

In a coaching call just over a month ago with Inner Circle Member Monique Porter of Moniques Beauty Therapy on Auckland’s North Shore, she explained how she was having real problems selling retail to her customers.  In fact, so much so that Monique, who is a sole operator, was selling no retail at all to her clients.

We talked through the retailing strategies in the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® ‘Selling Like Crazy Manual’ and put in place some targets.  The target set was to sell just 3 products per week over the 4 weeks (12 in total) by the time we spoke next.  Baby steps to start with, but as you’ll hear Monique surpassed these targets with ease…

“I’ve gone from selling no product at all, to selling 18 products in just a month. I Sold 3 starter packages at $65.50 each, 9 bottles of product for in-grown hairs at $21 each, 4 flax seed oil products at $32 each and and 2 nail polishes for $10 each.  That’s a total of 18 products for the month and $532 in extra revenue!”

Now that Moinque has achieved her first target, she can and has set new targets to keep this momentum going.  If every month she got 18 different clients using her products, that’s 216 clients by the end of 12 months using her product ranges at a current average sale of $29.55 each.  Of course, this doesn’t take into account that many of these client will also start purchasing more than just one product.

It’s also worth looking at what would have happened if Monique had NOT sold product to these clients, apart from missing out on the obvious extra income?

These clients would have left her salon and more than likely walked straight down the road to the supermarket or chemist (a salon’s biggest competitor) and bought their product from there.  Now the products you get from a supermarket or chemist are generally not the best, so when the client found that their skin or hair wasn’t improving, the first thing they will do is blame the salon or therapist, not the products.  So it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see them in the salon again.

So it’s extremely crucial that as experts in your industry, be it hair or beauty, you need to share your knowledge with your clients and give them the products to keep looking after themselves at home, in between their visits to your salon.  That’s what your trained to do after all!

And don’t be afraid to sell people stuff!  Let me ask you a question.  You love to shop, right?  So why are people so afraid to sell other people stuff, be it hair products or whatever.  Whether you like it or not, you and your staff are sales people in your salon.

Well done Monique on your great product sales and looking forward to hearing more success stories from you!