Beauty Salon Marketing Strategy: We get (lots of) mail…


Does ‘our’ kind of marketing work?

Just a couple of the many emails we receive each week from IC members all over the world…these from New Zealand members to our NZ franchisee Chris and Rachael D’Aguiar-Sanders:

From Lorraine Burke, of Loaf in Christchurch:

Just listened to your recent CD no 28 which has fired me up ……..and also  jogged my mind to write and tell you how wonderful your help and support has been for me over the last few weeks………It’s so nice to know you’re not on your own and support and encouragement at the end of a phone……….so thank you so much for that. Loaf has been up and running now for 5 weeks in which although I have been chasing my tail….. I have managed to start my marketing…I  just want to say how thrilled I am at the response.

If one ad can do so much in 2 weeks what will all the other marketing systems bring? I  placed the autumn makeover ad in one of the local newspapers, I have just done a tally and have reached 22 new clients………wow……. Out of them, 15 have rebooked….will get onto the ‘how to rebook’ section soon with my staff so we can make that at least 99%!!!!

So just doing the sums that’s

an extra  $2178.00 that we wouldn’t have had ……(as well as the hidden advertising by people talking)… so over a year that’s worth $24,640.00 per year and that’s without retail recommendations to our clients. So thanks again Rachael, I’m looking forward to our next coaching call and all the support you will be giving me over the following months…I hope one day I can return the favour and do something for you.”

From Paul Davis of Pure Skin Clinic, Auckland:

“We decided to take on someone to help us with the clinic as we have tried many things our way with very little success!
After looking around we decided to take on the Worldwide Salon Marketing team and thank god we did! It has been a great help to us to see where we were making the mistakes and to see immediate results!!!

Chris and Rachael have been there whenever we have needed help, which when you are trying to get things moving in the right direction GOOD help is what you need.
We totally recommend the system at Worldwide Salon Marketing and certainly have no regrets.”

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