Hair Salon Website Template Free: NZ Salon Superstar of the Week – Bedelia Shepherd of Nelson Beauty Therapy DOUBLES her salon’s turnover just one month after joining the Inner Circle Program!


“Thank you for your support leading up to Christmas, we have been blown away with our results. We have more than doubled our last Dec turnover and the vouchers sales bought in just under $18000.”

It’s amazing the amount of times I hear salons owners say “my accountant has advised me not to join the Inner Circle program because my business can’t afford it”.  I find it so utterly bemusing that any person would tell you to not invest in the ONE THING that is going to make you money….marketing!


Bedelia Shepherd of Nelson Beauty Therapy

And that is exactly what happened to Bedelia Shepherd of Nelson Beauty Therapy in Nelson 18 months ago when she was looking to join the Inner Circle program.  As it happened, she only joined in December 2009 and has already doubled her monthly turnover since then.  If only she hadn’t listened to that business adviser’s bad advice 18 months ago, she would be in a completely different place now with her business.   Here is what Bedelia has to say…..

WOW … I’m so excited with the results we are achieving.  Since I joined the Inner Circle program a month ago, we have doubled our turnover in that short period of time. The girls in the salon are right behind everything we are doing with our marketing and in- salon promotions. Our customers are excited and can feel the positive energy.

There is a lesson in this for me I’d love to share with you! 18 months ago I spoke to Greg and wanted to join WSM but allowed myself to be talked out of it by very well meaning business advisers! Their reasons being ‘my business couldn’t afford it’….!!I Needless to say I don’t use their services anymore!

My advice if I can be so bold is ……..your business can’t afford not to belong to WSM.

I’m very thankful and extremely grateful to both Greg and Chris for their support, and this is only such early days, but the simple saying of “surround yourself with positive people with successful business practices and your half way there” is certainly true in my case.

In the first week of January we have done the entire retail sales of last January and exactly half of the beauty sales for the whole month! We haven’t even implemented all the marketing we set out to do just yet! Now things have settled down a bit I can breathe and spend time on planning.

Really looking forward to this exciting year and seeing what I can achieve.”