NZ Salon Business Plan Template Superstars Nikki Smith & Phil Newman of NV Hair in Wanaka PROVE how even in a small town, there is big money to be made!


If I ever needed to provide evidence that the Inner Circle system works, regardless of the size of your town or the area your salon is in then Nikki Smith and Phil Newman of NV Hair in Wanaka, New Zealand are living and breathing proof!

Nikki Smith and Phil Newman of NV Hair, Wanaka, NZ

Nikki and Phil joined the program in July this year and have seen their takings sky rocket since then.  For those of you unfamiliar with Wanaka, it’s in a fairly remote location in the South Island and has a population of around 7,000 (which grows a bit depending on the season).

Nikki and Phil actually took over an existing premises in Wanaka and it’s fair to say that prior to them taking over, the business was on a downward slide, with few customers and the clients that did come in, simply paid whatever they wanted to pay.  It’s VERY hard to run a business like that!

But Nikki and Phil are a ‘no-nonsense’ team and knew what they had to do to turn things around…FAST.  As soon as they joined the Inner Circle program and got their very own copy of the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® they took massive action.

“Hi Chris

We did the Hollywood promotion last month and here are our results…

We printed 2000 mailbox flyers at a cost of $110, and purchased 2000 envelopes at a cost of $230 (and we’ve now found them even cheaper).

We also ran 2 adverts in the local newspaper for $188 (we now do trade on service with advertiser so costs less, sometimes nothing depending on advert and time scale)

Our total number of bookings was 34 and out of the 34 only 3 paid the minimum $99.  The average client spend was $130 (this was from up-grades and product sales).

The script for selling product and the method in the ‘Selling Like Crazy’ manual works a dream. I now have only 4 bottles of treatment on my shelf and my supplier loves me…

Thanks Chris this is definitely proof that the system works anywhere. The salon was on its knees when I took over and now, well I’m that busy I now need staff….lol.”

So let’s break these results down a bit more…

All up for the printing, envelopes and newspaper ads the cost was $528 (*You can get plain envelopes from the Warehouse Stationary for around $20 for 500…so this would have saved Nikki even more money).

3 packages were sold at $99 = $297

31 packages were sold with an average spend of $130 = $4030

So that’s a total income generated of $4327 for a cost of $528.  A return of investment of $8 for every $1 spent…WOW!

If each of these clients were to spend on average $130 with Nikki and Phil every month for the next year, they would be worth over $1500 to the salon each.  So potentially they have just increased the salons turnover over the next 12 months by $51,000….and that’s just from one promotion!

It’s pretty amazing considering that the salon was turning over a mere $2K a month before they took over.

Well done Nikki and Phil, keep up the good work!

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