For most businesses, the “most wanted response” is a phone call to book an appointment, for example. But what about people who visit your website and DON’T make a phone call? Is there anything on your site that gives them an incentive to hand over their contact details, so you can phone them or email them with an offer? On most websites, sadly there isn’t.

On all the websites we build at Worldwide Salon Marketing, we install a clever, simple, and powerfully effective tool to generate new leads for the salon. In most cases, this is a New Client Gift Voucher, like the one on this new website we’ve just built for a salon client.


See what I mean?

Here’s another one, a website we built for a day spa in Dromana, Victoria. Note the simple New Client Voucher form on the right hand side of the site.

This simple tool has generated more than EIGHT HUNDRED new prospective clients in 12 months, and the salon has turned many of these into regular clients.


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Google is the new Yellow Pages. So a website is absolutely essential as part of your overall salon marketing.

Any kid with a laptop can build a basic website these days. Or you can build one yourself using online services such as Wix. (But beware! You don’t ‘own’ your Wix website. Wix owns it. You only own your Wix account.) 

That’s the easy part.

You can have the prettiest website on the planet – but if it can’t be found by people searching for hair or beauty services in your local area, then it’s about useless as a fashion boutique in the middle of the desert.

There’s art and science to designing, constructing and optimizing websites so they appear on the first page of search results. Want to find out how your website rates?

Try this:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Mouse over the little head and shoulders icon in the top right corner.


  1. Click ‘Guest’ (So Google doesn’t know it’s you doing the search, otherwise it’ll throw up results it thinks you want to see.)
  2. Now, do a Google search like this: “hair salon (your town or suburb)”

(And don’t make the mistake of simply searching for the name of your business. You want to see what people find when they don’t know the name of your business!)

If your business comes up on Page one for that or similar searches, you’re doing okay.

BUT – if you can’t see it anywhere, it needs work.


The salon that gets more than 100 New Client calls every month

In the Melbourne suburb of Berwick, Allura Hairdressing gets at least 100 calls a month from people who find the business by searching for a hair salon in Berwick.

Here’s what Google throws up when you search ‘hair salon berwick’:


Allura ranks 1st in the Google Business Listings, and first in the organic listings.

How do we know they get that many calls? Because we built their website, and manage their Google Business Listing – so we have access to the ‘back end’ and we can check figures.

Here’s the call log – just from people touching ‘click to call’ on their phones on the Google Business Listing – for the last 30 days:

Worldwide Salon Marketing specializes in designing, constructing and ‘search engine optimizing’ websites for the salon & spa industry. Over the years, we’ve built hundreds of them.

Click on the images below and check a couple of them out.



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