Use your time during the lockdown! 

Find out how to use simple, short videos – just like Carolyn does – to drive clients into your busines, and dominate your local market. 

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Greg Milner
CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing
Author, “Rich Salon Owner” and “Simple Salon Marketing”

– G’day, it’s Greg at Worldwide Salon Marketing.

If your business has been closed by the pandemic, then here’s a way you can use that down time to get ready for when   lockdowns are lifted. Today I wanna introduce you to a salon owner who owned an ordinary salon in a suburb of one of our major cities, and using a very, very easy tool that everybody carries in their pocket 24 hours a day, she turned her business into the biggest and most successful in her field within a year.

She did it using this thing, very simple, just an ordinary mobile phone. And within a very short time, Carolyn Evans had brought in clients from all over the world to her suburban business.  

Here’s how she did it.