Podcast: Renting Chairs/Rooms or Hiring Staff? An expert’s views.

We get a lot of inquiries and questions from salon & spa owners about whether they should hire staff, or rent out their rooms/chairs to independent stylists and therapists.

There are pros and cons for both approaches, but as I wrote in this post a couple of weeks back, you either do one, or the other, but not both. That’s a recipe for disaster.

In today’s Rich Salon Owner podcast, listen in as I discuss the issues with a genuine expert in the field of staffing and recruitment, National Salon & Spa Recruitment founder and CEO Sheryl Gardner.

Show Notes: 

  • The downsides of renting – for both owners and renters!
  • Being in Control, or being a Landlord – it’s your choice.
  • Why it’s hard to find chair or room renters.
  • The big mistakes salon owners make when hiring staff.
  • Why it’s messy to combine employed staff with renters.

More Resources:

Recruitment: http://www.nationalsalonandsparecruitment.com.au

Free Business & Marketing Coaching: https://worldwidesalonmarketing.com/wsm-free-coaching-call/

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About The Author

Greg Milner

Greg Milner, CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing. Greg is a writer, marketing consultant, direct response advertising expert and former TV producer. Since founding WSM in 2004, he's coached and guided more than 4,000 salons & spas all over the world in all aspects of marketing, both online and offline. The tools and templates he and his team have developed are used by salons & spas on every continent. He is the author of the industry-standard direct response marketing manual, Simple Salon Marketing, and the e-book Rich Salon Owner.