For time-poor salon owners who want a business that runs smoothly…but don’t know where to start.

Systemize Your Salon’s Operations With The Total Salon Solutions Policies, Procedures and Training Manuals”

…done-for-you by the industry’s premier salon coach, consultant and mentor, Julie Piantadosi.

Watch and listen as Julie discusses the Total Salon Solutions system with Marnie Kallmeyer of Salon Mavens.

There’s a system in here for every possible thing that can

frustrate you in your business.

Hi, Julie here.

If you’re reading this because you’re always chasing your tail, re-inventing the wheel every day in your salon, feeling like keeping your business running is like…herding cats…

…I know exactly how you feel.

I built a chain of successful hair & beauty salons in Australia and America, and just managing that many stylists and therapists and estheticians nearly drove me insane.

It got to the stage where I couldn’t even take a pee without someone or other calling me, asking me really basic stuff, like “What do I do about such-and-such?” or “We’ve run out of X product, what do I do?” or “Client X is complaining about her treatment, what shall I say…?”

It was like trying to…herd cats!

Something had to change.

It was then I realized that the cause of all these issues was my lack of a…system!

…a written-down, “here’s how we do things here” policies and procedures system that covered literally everything that any team member could ever need to know about how the business operates….

And I mean bloody everything!

  • From how to open the shop in the morning…
  • How to deal with customer complaints…
  • Ordering product…
  • Answering the phone…
  • Checking clients out, re-booking, dealing with cancellations…
  • How to manage breaks…
  • What to do if there’s a robbery…
  • Health and safety policies…
  • Vacation leave…
  • Rules about clothing, punctuality, drugs, smoking…
  • How I wanted staff to be hired (and fired, if necessary!)
  • The induction and training process…step-by-step, product by product, treatment by treatment…

…and a thousand other details that every salon owner has to deal with, every single day.

I realized I was trying (and failing!) to run a successful business operation by frantically managing people, and that

“You cannot manage people without going mad. You can only manage systems, and let the systems manage the people!”

It’s true. Every day, I was saying the same things, to the same people, over and over again, repeating myself till I was blue in the face, because I had no written-down procedures, rules and processes for anything.

I was winging it, just like most salon owners, every single day.

So, here’s what I did…

I sat down and began to make notes…carefully detailing every single step-by-step process, every single thing that happened in my salons on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

But what’s more important, I wrote down exactly how I wanted every process to be done.



But finally, there it was…

A system, in a series of three bound manuals, that laid out precisely how, what, where and when!

(In fact, two systems – one for my hair salons, and another for my beauty salons, perfectly tweaked and tuned for the different disciplines required for each type of business.)

And you know what happened?

As I rolled out my brand-new Total Salon Solutions systems in all of my shops, gradually trained all my managers and staff on the contents, suddenly everything got easier for me.

No longer was I getting phone calls on weekends, asking “what do I do about…?”

(And on the rare occasions I did, I was able to say “Easy, just refer to page X of the manual…!”)

Training of staff became a smooth, join-the-dots process…

Managers suddenly had a black-and-white procedure to follow in any given situation…

Stylists and therapists were no longer making it up as they went along…

Overnight, I was FREE!

And I finally worked out that having lots of clients, booming sales, increasing profits…that’s NOT what makes you free.

SYSTEMS make you free!

Here’s another little secret:


Having written down systems is NOT just for BIG businesses with lots of staff.


It starts at the very beginning. Even if it’s just YOU in your business, or maybe you and one staff member, or perhaps a couple…

It’s tempting to think “oh, it’s only us two or three, surely we don’t need everything written down, we all already know everything…”

Well, guess what…one day, you’re gonna want to hire a new staff member, or you’re gonna want to take a holiday, or you’re gonna get sick and spend some time in hospital, or laid up at home…

…and then, you’ll be forced to rely on others, and if they don’t have written down systems and procedures to refer to, they’re going to make mistakes, they’re going to make it up as they go along, without you there to guide and prod and chide and correct.

See, here’s another thing:

Staff – a bit like children – perform better when they know the boundaries, they know the rules, they can ‘refer to the manual’ without having to re-invent the process…

Having written down systems makes your team free too…because they can concentrate on what they do best without also having to figure out how to deal with problems, challenges, and finding a solution to those problems while they’re tyring to cut hair or do a massage or prepare a body wrap or…

You gettin’ me???

But how do YOU sit down and laboriously write down every single procedure and rule and guide you want your people to follow?

I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have the TIME to do that!”

Here’s the good news…you don’t have to!

Finally, I’ve made my entire system available for you…

It’s instantly downloadable…

It’s in Word format, so you can quickly and easily edit it to suit your personal circumstances…

It’s complete and comprehensive…

There’s one complete set for Hair Salons, and a complete set for Beauty Salons & Spas.


The Total Salon Solutions system comes in three distinct manuals.

Policies and Procedures

  • 62 Pages
  • What we require in a team member
  • Job descriptions
  • Ten commandments
  • General policies covering mobile phones, bonuses, drugs, heath and safety and a dozen other essentials
  • Stock and products
  • Mystery shopping
  • Theft, personal hygiene and a hundred other “this is how we do things here.”

Services Training Manual

  • 49 Pages
  • Greeting clients
  • Telephone bookings
  • Professional expectations
  • Client preparation
  • Individual treatment procedures
  • the entire box and dice of everything the salon does and provides



Staff Training Manual

  • 78 Pages
  • How to find great staff and hold onto them
  • Advertising for staff
  • The interview process
  • Orientation
  • Getting a newbie started
  • How to sell retail
  • Job descriptions
  • Motivating staff (without money!)
  • The importance of a receptionist
  • Salon Culture

A Bonus For You

But wait, there’s more! (I’ve been dying to use that line:-)

You not only get the complete Total Salon Solutions system, but also

ALL the Forms Templates I’ve developed and used for years.

  • templates for sick leave
  • templates for client consultations
  • templates for product ordering
  • templates for warnings
  • templates for every process and procedure you’ll ever need!

So, why would you want to purchase this system and use it?

Save time!


Putting this Total Salon Solutions system together took me MANY MONTHS!

Do you really want to start from scratch, not knowing where exactly to start?

Do you really want to spend hours, days, weeks or months sitting in front of a computer screen, laboriously typing, typing, typing…?

Well, if you value your time, I don’t think so.

How long do you want to put off having your salon business run like a smooth, well-oiled machine?

PLUS, I’m going to give you another great reason to ACT NOW.

I’m so confident the Total Salon Solutions system will save you time, help you make more money, give you more freedom, actually “make you FREE”,

I Guarantee It!

That’s right, you have nothing to lose.

Here’s my guarantee:


“Purchase Total Salon Solutions now – yes, the entire system – and anytime for up to 30 days, if you don’t believe it’s the complete solution you’re after, just say so, and your entire investment will be refunded, no questions asked!”


Not only that, you can keep the system! That’s right, I don’t want you to delete it or send it back.

So, you have a choice.

1) Keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, and keep getting the same results, or

2) Decide that it’s time you treated your business as a business, not just a job…or even worse, a hobby!

Proper businesses – real businesses where the owners aren’t always chasing their tails – always have written systems in place. They couldn’t run without them!

Can you imagine McDonalds allowing it’s thousands of staff to turn up to work each day and making it up as they go along? It would be a disaster.


What happens when you order?

As soon as you complete the order form on the next page, you’ll receive an email with your download instructions. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly and check your spam or junk folders in case it ends up in there.



PS: I don’t make guarantees lightly. But I’m serious about wanting you to be serious. That’s why I’m not afraid to guarantee you a complete refund if up to 30 days you aren’t absolutely delighted with your purchase.

PPS: Prefer to phone? Simply call the team at Worldwide Salon Marketing on +61-8-94439327 OR go to our Facebook page here and message us from there.

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