Out now, the Rich Salon Owner Audio Book – the perfect companion for the written version.

Written and narrated by Rich Salon Owner author Greg Milner, this new audio book is a ‘Seminar in Your Car’ for those salon & spa owners who want a ‘how-to’ guide for successfully marketing any business in the hair & beauty industry.

In the new audio book, you’ll discover:

Chapter 1: Getting Noticed. If you can’t be found by prospective clients look for a hair or beauty service, you’ve got a problem.

Chapter 2: Clearing the Fog. What marketing actually IS – and how to be clear about what you need to do.

Chapter 3: What Really Matters in Business. Only TWO things really matter. But which two?

Chapter 4: Why Do We Hate to Sell?

Chapter 5: Direct Response Marketing. The difference between DR and ‘Image’ or Brand marketing.

Chapter 6: Targetting Your Market. Why you need to be selective, and not to try to win everybody.

Chapter 7: Generating Leads. How most salon owners get this wrong. And how easy it is to fix.

Chapter 8: The Biggest Advertising Mistake. Or, trying to be all things to all people.

Chapter 9: Sales Thinking. The stuff you have to do before you spend a cent on marketing.

Chapter 10: The Essential Elements of Direct Response Marketing.

Chapter 11: Selling Your Story. Everybody has a unique story. What’s yours?

Chapter 12: The Common Myths about Advertising. So, you think advertising ‘doesn’t work’. Tosh & nonsense.

Chapter 13: The Sales Prevention Department. Every business has one.

Chapter 14: The Media. Which forms of media to use, and when.

Chapter 15: Direct Mail Mistakes. Here’s how to make every mailing you do count.

Chapter 16: Tricks and Techniques for Getting Your Message Read.

Chapter 17: Testing & Measuring. If you don’t do this, how are you going to know what works?

Chapter 18: Selling Benefits (not Features). What YOU think is important, vs what your customers thinks matter.

Chapter 19: More Sophistication. It’s about being BOLD.

Conclusion: It’s about Massive Action.