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By far the biggest marketing issue facing most owners of small businesses, like salons & spas, is one that seems simple at first glance. But if you can’t solve this challenge, everything else is almost meaningless.

And that challenge is a massive one. It’s

GETTING FOUND by people searching for hair and/or beauty services in your area.

Getting the attention of your prospective clients and customers has been the biggest issue for business owners for decades. And the rise of the internet has made the problem far more complex. Which is why, in this audio 14-minute recording of the first chapter of my book, Rich Salon Owner, I’ve broken it down into simple stages.

If you’re NOT getting a steady flow of new clients and customers who find you when they’re looking for what you sell, then this podcast is a must. You may well find yourself slapping your forehead and gasping “Dammit, why didn’t anyone tell me this before!?”

But all is not lost. This podcast will ‘clear the fog’ around your online marketing, and turn complex processes into easy-to-understand ideas.


Listen to it in your car, doing the ironing, pruning the roses, whatever…but grab it now, on iTunes or Android. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • 1. The only THREE ways new clients are going to find you online
  • 2. A simple check you can do yourself, in 10 seconds.
  • 3. The big mistake most salon owners make with online reviews.
  • 4. The salon that gets more than 150 calls every month from this one strategy
  • 5. How to make sure new clients find YOU first.
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