• I often wonder if the world would be a better, gentler, simpler place without social media. Which immediately gives me away as someone old enough to remember when there wasn’t any social media!

    But, like death and taxes, it seems it’s here to stay. Wishing otherwise is akin to trying to stop the tide coming in.

    That said, there are so many types of social media platforms, it’s enough to make most business owners’ heads cave in. If you feel like that, this podcast could help clear the fog.

    We get a LOT of ‘help me’ requests from hair & beauty businesses about social media, so recently I asked our very own social media specialist Josh Kallmeyer to take part in a webinar to explain – in Plain English – how to make the most of Facebook, Instagram and all the rest of it for business.

    If you’ve ever felt the knawing anxiety of chaos, of life becoming overwhelming, this podcast will give you inspiration, helpful tips and above all, motivation to take control.

    Listen to it in your car, doing the ironing, pruning the roses, whatever…but grab it now, on iTunes or Android. Enjoy!

    Show Notes:

  • 1. The difference between ‘boosting’ and paid advertising on Facebook
  • 2. What is Instagram for?
  • 3. The big mistakes business owners make on social media.
  • 4. How to maximise your efforts on social media.
  • 5. The smart way to use Facebook advertising.