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Show Notes:

Louise Adkins is a mother-of-one who owns a successful skin clinic in a small town in Victoria, Australia. In this episode, Louise reveals to Worldwide Salon Marketing founder Greg Milner the Big Secret to her success.
1) How ORGANISATION is the only thing that keeps her sane.
2) How she plans her promotions sometimes MONTHS in advance.
3) The details of how Louise brings in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a few weeks every year.
4) How she divides her time into FOUR clearly defined zones.

Sounds too perfect? Not at all. Louse faces the same challenges as every other salon owner. Endless staff problems, juggling family time and work time, dealing with ‘project’ clients. Feeling overwhelmed? So does Louise, often. But listen to this podcast and be INSPIRED. If Louise can do it – in a small town three hours from the capital – YOU can too!