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Salon owner Jemima Richards used a series of linked sales letters straight from the Toolkit to triple her marketing response

Salon Website Template: The ONE Marketing Strategy That Will Triple ANY Salon’s Direct Mail Response


Call me old-fashioned – somebody did once, and I said ‘fiddlesticks’ – but it’s a mystery to me why so many salon owners (even some Inner Circle members, who should know better) just do NOT get one of the simplest, easy-to-implement salon & spa marketing strategies I have ever taught.

Well, from Jemima Richards of Sync Detoxify Nourish Regenerate yet more proof – if any more were needed – that this strategy DOES work, works brilliantly, and all you have to do is implement it.

Says Jemima:

“Had to just let you know that we have been laughing a lot around here because I am an idiot! The reason for the laughter is the amount of return we are getting (using your strategy) and how many more bookings we are getting from the 2nd and 3rd letter.

“You always said it, and not that I didn’t believe you…if only I had been doing this all along…!”

What Jemima is talking about is the proven direct mail strategy of a linked series of letters to a list of customers or qualified prospects. Most businesses send one letter, and no matter what response they get, presume the rest are simply not interested, and give up.

It is a fatal marketing mistake. You leave untold amounts of money uncollected, sitting on the table.

Hear this: if you are tempted to do a one-shot mailing and stop there, save your money. They don’t even feel the breeze.

As Jemima says – and we have proven over and over and over again – you’ll often get a BIGGER response off letters #2 and #3 than you will off the first letter.

It is precisely why the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit™ is FULL of these linked, sequential letters, for a multitude of purposes and events, e.g.,

  • The ‘Raise the Dead’ letters for getting ‘lost’ clients back. Written specifically for this purpose, with fun, from Rupert the Dog.
  • The New Client re-booking letters, a series of three.
  • The change of season letters to existing clients

..and a ton of other letters for every imaginable purpose.

“Oh, I couldn’t do that, my clients would think I’m pestering them.”

No, they won’t. Here’s the truth: clients leave you because of neglect, not because you’re sending them nice letters.

(And if ONE client complains, are you going to use that as a pathetic excuse to ignore the rest of your client base?)