herbal activI’d be filthy rich if I had a dollar for every time a salon or spa owner has told me “My product suppliers provide all the marketing I need…”

The image you see here is the kind of marketing ‘advice’ some product suppliers are handing out to their retail partners. (I’ve blotted out the name of the product to save embarrassment.)

“Business growth is easy with (name of product):

  • Advertise your unique service
  • if the ad pays for itself, run it again”

Wow. Brilliant. So that’s all there is to it. Gosh, and here I was, misguidedly thinking for all these years that business growth was a whole lot more complicated than that. Silly me.

Sarcasm aside, the ‘advice’ above unhelpfully fails to address quite a few crucial questions, such as:

  1. Who is the Target Market for my advertising?
  2. What do I say in my ad that will appeal to that particular target market?
  3. What offer should I make to them?
  4. How do I get them to pick up the phone and order now, rather than next week, or next month?
  5. How to I prove that what I’m selling them actually works?

To advertise anything effectively, you need great answers to those questions.

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