Case Study – Tattoo Removal Digital Advertising

Lorina cassidy-reid bought a new laser tattoo removal machine. She needed clients, fast, to pay for it. 

Lorina already had a successful Canberra cosmetic tattooing business. Now, she wanted to add tattoo removal as a natural add-on.

She ordered a new laser tattoo removal machine. And then worried how she was going to find customers for it.

So, with Worldwide Salon Marketing’s help, she set about planning a campaign to fill her new business venture with clients.

This is how we did it.

STEP 1 – New Website 

We built her a new website

STEP 2 – New Landing Page 

We designed and built a simple landing page to take traffic from the planned Google and Facebook advertising.


It looks like this:

STEP 3 – Google Ads 

We set up a series of Google ads, testing six different versions of the same ad, each test ad slightly different from the others.

This way, we can find out which ad is creating the most traffic or ‘clicks’ at the lowest price.

Here’s an example of one of the ads:

STEP 4 – Facebook Ads 

We created a series of Facebook ads for tattoo removal. Each ad was slightly different, so we could test which one worked best. 

Here’s an example of one of the ads:

STEP 5 – Link It All Together 

We then embedded the relevant Google and Facebook tracking codes into the landing page.

On October 15, we made the Google and Facebook ads go ‘live’.


By November 5 – 21 days later Lorina had 50 appointments.

“…the Google and Facebook ad campaign was TOO successful. I had to ask Worldwide Salon Marketing to turn the ads off. In less than three weeks, I had FIFTY people asking for appointments!…”

Lorina can turn this back on when she’s ready for more clients and more cashflow.