Salon Marketing 101 – this is REALLY basic stuff.

Salon Marketing 101” Salon Marketing 101″ When you’re trying to get more customers for your salon or spa, it’s all too easy to get caught up with, blinded by, the ‘media’ issues; which media to use to get your message out to the public. Even more confusing, the vast array of technology now available to get that message delivered. Mobile apps, web, email, text messaging, Pinterest, Twitter, yada yada yada….

I call ’em ‘bright shiny objects’. But it’s Fools Gold if the message you’re trying to deliver using those various forms of media is shallow, ill-conceived, poorly executed, as per my post last week. If you missed that, it’s here.

Listen up: get your message right first, before you even think of how you’re going to deliver it.

Here’s a GREAT example of a business getting its message absolutely, positively right, and it’s even more startling when you consider it comes from a BANK – hardly a species known for forthright, hand-on-heart marketing.

(And I don’t subscribe to the often-cited theory that banks are soft targets. Nuts to that. Just like any other business, decisions at banks are made by people – and if the image of banks is bad, it’s the people who made the marketing decisions who’re to blame, not some faceless institution.

Anyway, most banks could take a leaf from the marketing manual at Crestar Bank in the US. Their newspaper advertising says:

“A BANK MAKES A TERRIBLE MISTAKE. Would you rather have : (a) a really sincere “we’re terribly sorry”, (b) a really sincere “it wasn’t our fault”, (c) a really sincere “the computers were down” or (d) a really sincere check for $50? Now available at Crestar – if you’re unhappy with your account after 90 days, close it and we’ll give you $50”

And it ends with a dramatically honest and humble slogan – one which more banks could well emulate –

“We’re a bank. Banks need customers.”

Another of their ads is headlined: “Do You Enjoy Dealing with Banks? Or Are You Normal?”

How refreshing.

Now, think about the message you’re putting out on behalf of YOUR business. See any way you could steal that slogan?

How about:

“We’re a salon. Salons Need Customers.”

Not hard, is it?

Salon Marketing 101

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Greg Milner, CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing. Greg is a writer, marketing consultant, direct response advertising expert and former TV producer. Since founding WSM in 2004, he's coached and guided more than 4,000 salons & spas all over the world in all aspects of marketing, both online and offline. The tools and templates he and his team have developed are used by salons & spas on every continent. He is the author of the industry-standard direct response marketing manual, Simple Salon Marketing, and the e-book Rich Salon Owner.