One of the many benefits of being a Member of the new Client Attraction System is all the bonuses you get – including a comprehensive Audit of your Facebook business page by our resident social media specialist, Sam Buckley.
Having optimized Facebook pages for years, and run Facebook ad campaigns for businesses all over the world, she’s become an absolute jet at seeing what works on Facebook, and what doesn’t.
As part of the Salon Marketing & Business Training course inside the Client Attraction System, each member gets the opportunity to send their business page logins to Sam, and she then goes over the page with a fine-tooth comb, forensically analysing and assessing what’s working, and what can be improved.
I’m no Facebook expert, but I can appreciate what it takes to look at a current setup with fresh eyes and uncover some of the more obvious areas needing improvement.

Here’s a report Sam sent to one of our Members only last week after their Facebook page review:

Things you’re doing right:

• You’ve done a great job to complete a lot of the About Page information.

Things that could be improved:

  1. Profile image for local business is good to be a graphic of the logo. Preferably a high-quality logo that fits nicely inside the circle that the picture gets cropped to.
  2. Need to remove irrelevant menu items down the left for example – Jobs, Events, Welcome, Shop, Notes and Email Signup (unless you want to set it up)
  3. Take full advantage of services. Do this by adding a good enticing description and an image to each of the services you have listed.
  4. Redo “Our Story” to make it more “direct-response” to connect with the emotions of potential customers. This is what gets people to buy. Lead them on a journey so they can imagine being completely relaxed and pampered at your salon. Then add a call to action at the end. It reminds them to do something like ‘call now’ to enjoy some relaxing you time on <insert phone number>. Include a photo at the top.
  5. Verify your page so you come up higher in search results. Go to your FB Business Page. Click on Settings / General / Page Verification / Verify This Page. Enter your salon phone details and follow the simple instructions.
  6. You have your button underneath your cover image setup to send a message
  7. Setup messaging so when people visit your page, messenger pops up and asks them some questions, to encourage them to take action with your business.
  8. Fix the Map in the Address Settings so it shows in the right country.
  9. Add your opening hours to the Hours Settings”

Now, take a look over your own salon’s Facebook business page.

Are any of the above 9 Top Tips applicable to you?

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